Millionaire Wealth Principle #44 - Systematize Your Business So It Works Without You.

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Introduction To Systemizing Your Business

In this millionaire wealth principle, I talk about how to systematize your business so it works without you. Unfortunately, most normal people don't operate their business this way because most people want to collect money and just work hard and they believe that the harder they work, the more money they get. Here is the reality, you will not move up if you work hard, in fact, you will stay exactly where you are because that is where you're most effective. So the harder you work on a task you're doing the most likely you're to stay on that task.

It is actually counter-intuitive and counterproductive if you're really looking to move up, to be really good at your job. This doesn't mean don't be great at your job, in fact, you should be the best at what you do in anything you do and should start focusing on systematizing, systematize everything in your life so that you can move on to more powerful things. The idea is Monday tasks, daily tasks like going to work should be done without you, the money should be coming to you without you going to do any work.

If It Has To Be Done Every Day, Then It Should Be Automated.

Delegating is a form of automation, systematizing a business you can delegate. In fact, the zoom call right here is automated every single week, and everybody is notified via email and text, something I didn't do personally from my cell phone which would take a while doing a thing, meaning there a system behind this. Automation is about starting with the things that make more sense though there some things you must automate first before automating others and there are some things in life that we would have automated before.

There are two sides to what you want to delegate and what you don't to delegate. Things that make you feel good, you don't want to delegate like spending time with your spouse and kids, your hobbies and you don't systematize those. But you do want to systematize and delegate things you don't like that either you can't get rid of or that make you money. It's OK to systematize things that make you money which actually pays the most.

A Powerful Exercise

Get a pen and paper and on the left-hand side of it, write the things you enjoy. Write down the name of one person you like being around and if you had an extra minute or hour with that person, you would spend time with that person. Also, write down an hour segment, and if you could spend an hour in something that could make you healthier whether it is preparing the right meals, doing research on the right meals, exercise, and workouts. If you would spend an extra hour on this activity, write that activity down.

Then we are going to move into a mental state whether it is earning more money, more spirituality whether it is religious, something that makes your mind feel better whether it is publicity, education, whatever makes you feel better spiritually and mentally, write that one thing and spare an hour for it.

On the side which is the right side of the paper, write down things that drain you and your energy and let us aim for something that takes like 3 - 4 hours of your time even if it takes one hour, just write it down. The process for automation, delegation, and systematizing is you look that the things you don't like, you automate them. You can ask this question to yourself. Is there a way that I could pay somebody, is there a system that can do this for me or is there somebody who has figured this out that could figure this out for me?

Let me give you some examples of automation.

I use virtual assistants for delegation, I use real estate agents. If you're going to buy real estate this year or next year, here are the tools you can use. A real estate agent can go and make appointments, attorneys can write the contract for you. If there is marketing for your business, let the wholesaler do it, let a real estate agent do it, and market it for you. There are systems like CRMs, websites that automate and speed things up. For us investors, the most pressing need is to find the next piece of property and the second is to get the money for the deal.

You can automate the deal by reaching out to wholesalers and agents and you can automate the raising of capital by having good conversations with people who already own real estate, by meeting with people who have capital, by being at a networking event then building relationships, then setting reminders to activities you will do afterward.

The Book Of the Week

Mike Schein talks about the 4 hour Work Week by Tim Ferris an unbelievable amazing book where Tim Ferris did a lot of fun activities while working. It talks about not answering emails until it is 12 O'clock or 4 O'clock.

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