RE: Recent Run In Hive Shows The Need For HBD

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@taskmaster4450le I love this article and the amount of research you put into the concept of HBD bringing more stability to the HIVE price. I've only recently started holding more HIVE thanks to some of your earlier posts a few months ago.

My biggest question after reading this, is how to we create more HBD? Is this something we can do as curators by choosing to receive HBD instead of HIVE when curating posts?

Thanks again for all of the great information you continue to provide to our community!

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HBD is being created all the time in two forms: payouts to post authors and to fund the DHF. There's no option to earn HBD by curating though, you have to post to get it.


Also when there is a large imbalance, another way to create more is to convert HIVE to HBD (w/5% fee)