SplinterLands:: How to Sell Cards for a Better Price?

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Hey All,


Did you try out selling your cards on Wax Blockchain; DApp AtomicHuB? If not then, I'll surely recommend having a look at AtomicHub. It's a great place to sell your cards at a higher price. But the cards there are bought & sold for the WAX tokens.

Price of DELWYN DRAGONSCALE on SplinterLands


The price of DELWYN DRAGONSCALE on Splinterlands and MonsterMarket is close to $7+ for a level 1 card. And whereas you have a look at the first image you can clearly see that I sold this same card on AtomicHub for $22+ dollars; which is equivalent to 65 WAX tokens.


I was lucky that I listed some of my Splinterlands cards on AtomicHub for a higher price - way too high. And luckily was able to find a buyer. I sold close to 3 - DELWYN DRAGONSCALE cards for $31+ which equates to 151 WAX tokens.

While listing these cards, I had a feeling that they won't sell. But you never know, there is someone willing to pay that price. The only thing that I did smart here was - tried to place/put a price that was a bit less than the already listed price. Let's say for example if some was selling - DELWYN DRAGONSCALE for $23+. What I did was place my sell order for a bit lower price, say $22+ and this trick did work out - getting me a higher price for my Splinterlands card - DELWYN DRAGONSCALE.

My Current Listing on AtomicHub


I still have 4 more cards listed on Wax Blockchain and the price is way too high. Currently, the same card is available on the Splinterlands for close to $7+ but I'm in no rush to sell. If, I am able to get a buyer at the listed price good for me. And I am pretty confident that I should be able to sell them at these prices. What all is required is a bit of patience and wait and watch scenarios to adjust prices accordingly. So that your bid/price of selling the cards is a bit lower than the other selling it.


Off lately, I have been focusing on buying WAX tokens. And so far I have been able to stake close to 10K+ WAX tokens. This is getting me close to 1+ WAX tokens daily. I'll do a separate post around investment in WAX tokens.

So here is how you can Sell your SplinterLands for a higher price.

  • Leverage WAX Blockchain DApp AtomicHub
  • List the card at a competitive price - a bit less than others
  • Enjoy higher prices for your cards in WAX tokens
  • Stake if you want or else trade it for a favorite token

Have Your SAY....

Have you tried selling your Splinterlands cards on WAX Blockchain, DApp - AtomicHub? If, Yes what was the best deal you got?


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Image Courtesy: SplinterLands; peaked, wax cloud, atomicHub

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