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Hey All;


The SPS token continues to rise and make all-time highs. As of writing the price of the SPS token is trading in the range of $0.60+.. it made an ATH of $0.64 and then reverted back/dropped a couple of cents.


I strongly believe that the price of SPS will continue to RISE & following are the Top 5 reasons associated with iT::

Reason No.1:: Staking & Staking


Check the staking numbers out. Staked SPS tokens are more than the total liquid SPS tokens. With every single day passing by the numbers associated with the SPS staked tokens are increasing. I haven't seen a single day where the numbers of staked tokens didn't rise. Higher is the staking simply means liquidity is squeezed and thereby directly impacting the price of the SPS token to rise.

Reason No.2:: Limited Supply:: 3 Billion SPS tokens in existence

Yes, the SPS token which is the governance token of the game Splinterlands, has a limited supply of 3 Bil. The number may seem big but in the gaming industry where you have tones of players and each player HOLDIng some tokens can quickly diminish the liquidity of the token available in the market.

Reason No.3:: SplinterLands gaining Attraction & Breaking All Records

Recently we saw an announcement from the team; with regards to 1Mil. registred users/players added to the game and 500K spell books SOLD.


The growth numbers are simply amazing and they continue to build every single day. More users get added means more people wanting to have some governance token i.e. SPS, ultimately leading to the demand for the SPS token.

Reason No.4:: SPS Burn token economics

Currently, there is no Burn tokens economics for SPS tokens. But imagine; what if we have one in near future or propose one via the token governance model. Something similar to what we have for DEC token burn; if we can have it for SPS then this is for sure going to bring in some good momentum in the price of the SPS token.

Reason No.5:: More SPS utility to be Added

Right now there are some utilities of the SPS tokens; like buying the new CL cards pack for 10% discount. Governance token being the second, staking SPS the other. Therefore the point is that we would be seeing more utilities being added for the SPS token and when they get added this is going to raise the demand for the token; thereby help the price of the token to RISE further.

So here are my Top 5 reasons listed that should help the price of the token to RISE. Even if we continue to achieve the growth that the game has been getting. I think this itself will lead to a situation where we would be seeing::

SPS @ $1 pretty SooN....

Have Your SAY....

On the reasons listed above; about SPS token to further rise. Do you agree with the points that I have listed and will account for the SPS token to rise? Any other point do you think/have that should help the price of the SPS token continue to build/rise?


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