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Hello all Hive friends

Hope all is good at your end. HBD one of the best stable coin and my favorite investment option also. The interest rates on HBD savings are too much attractive, 20% APR is unbeatable in today low market.. its awesome..


When the Hive price goes up I love to ,convert them into HBD and during the Hive price dip I use to convert the HBD into Hive again. This is the time consuming and need the focus on market but I must tell you is a very effective way.

Other then HBD trading I invest my earnings form the play2earn games into HBD savings. I am progressed good in risingstar game and earn a good amount of Starbits per day. I use to convert those Starbits into HBD and then transfer them into saving. Now days I even earn more Starbits per days but the price of Starbits is very low so converting them into HBD does not worth. I have think some other plans to reinvest Starbits.

Lets come back to HBD Saving earrings.

Till now I have I have 111.515 HBD into saving. I was trying to double the HBD Saving (2k HBD) before the year end. But this does not seam to be realistic but still trying to chase the same.

In last month earned 18.515 HBD as interest form the HBD Saving, which is 2.515 HBD more then the last month.

Still have lots of plans for different projects. Purchasing a Node (Splinterlands), investing in LGN, INDEX & SPS token re some of the name on list. I am planning to sell some of my Gold Foil Splinterlands card to chase the goals.

What are your views/choice let us know in the comments section.

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