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Hello all Hive friends

I started my Hive journey 4 year ago and the day I joined till now I am always finding new things which increase my intrest more and more.
In my opinion Hive is ocean and it has place for everyone, persone has to find a right place as per their intrest only.
Hive has a place for everyone, if you like the story and poems or you are a photographer or you are finance guy or you have any other hobby or intrest you can find a community related you your hobby interests.

What Attract me More

I started my crypto journey tour and a half year ago when I was watching a video related to the Bitcoin and Dogecoin faucet. Then I search more on bitcoin and try to understand the blockchain technology. During the research I come across a nither video on Steem blockchain and I start exploring the same. Immediately created a account and start the journey. After the hostile attack on steem the Hive blockchain come into picture and from that day I am active on Hive.


The first and the best part I loved is the decentralized approach. The Hive community shows the power of decentralization and its a proof of decentralization. The hostile attempt on steem is reason of birth of Hive blockchain. So it's a classic example of Decentralization.

Decentralized means their is not one centerlized agency or person taking the decision. It's all about the community so the decision making is also in the hands of community. The top 20 witnesses ot nodes are the backbone and palyes top most important role. The ranking of witnesses is decided by the users by witness voting. So ultimately it is the end users deciding the top witnesses and ultimately the decision making.

Communities and Tribes - Another Ecosystem within Hive Ecosystem

Community and Tribes are the group of people with similar intrest. The main difference between those two is the Tribe has their own send layer token.
I love the finance, photography and gaming and posting my content in those relevant community and tribes means their are good change that my content will be read by the users has the similar intrest which ultimately increase the engagement. And engagement is the key om Hive blockchain. The Tribe token which are second layer token are also the reason people post in specific Tribe. Those second layer token are the additional earning from same writeup. Which is awesome. Some time the second layer earning are more then the Hive earnings. Is it not awesome?

Games - Play2earn

The @splinterlands, @risingstar and @cryptobrewmaster are some name known to all who are on Hive Blockchain. Those all the big name in Gaming segment would works on Hive blockchain. This the era of paly2earn and those name mentioned above are the rear gem. I am involved with @splinterlands game from last almost three years and believe me every day I am enjoying the game play and earning, not just by playing the game but also by writing the content about the game. I have started the splinterlands journey just by playing a share based account and then purchased the starter kit from the shared account earning. At present my account worth is aprox $20k and I am proud the share that all is from the reinvestment if game earing and from the post earing.
I have kept 1k HBD is saving and most of the hbd are because of the @risingstar game. Jn the past regularly I was converting my Starbits earning form game into HBD.


If you are new to the Hive then contests are the best way to interact with other users and grow your account. It helps me a lot in my initial days and at present also I am regularly participating in manh contests. You can find many contests from different communities and tribes as per your intrest. Participating in those contests helps you to be active on blockchain and it is a great way to interact with other participants and if you win then it will help in growing your account directly.

Passive Income

Their are many ways within the Hive ecosystem which provide the options for passive income. In my opinion the best one is Intrest on HBD savings. Which offers 20% APR on HBD in saving. I am on my way for 2k HBD saving target and at present having more hen 1k HBD in Saving. Other then HBD saving their are DEFI projects and Pool which also offers a passive incometo the participate and investors.

What are your views/choice let us know in the comments section.

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Please can I know few communities that do their contest


check my lattes post where I listed some of the ongoing contests on Hive



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I love the passive income part as a business man. Some of the few reasons I love hive