My Rift Watcher Presale Story @splinterlands

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Hello all @splinterlands lover and Hive friends

Hope everything is good at your end.

Rift Watchers ot Gem Pack presale has been completed and the presale was gone within 2 minutes only.

My Rift Watcher Presale Story

I also participated in the presale but unfortunately not got any pack in pre sale.I was waiting for the presale from the day team announced the mini pack. Initially I was planning for 100 packs only but plans changes afterwards. In last week I had posted that I am planning for 300 packs but as I made some SPS purchases some days back and the price of SPS also increased which increase the purchasing capacity also and I end up with 500 packs purchase.

Till the morning (after 9 hours) I was thinking that my purchase is considered towards presale but I come across a discord comment which highlighted a block no and clarify that if the purchase pack block is greater then the 67936464 block no then the purchase will be after presale. I check my purchase on Hive block explorer and it's not jn the required block. That means the purchase will not be considered as presale purchase.

500 packs means 10 promo cards, which is not the case for me anymore.
Let's see how will be the pack opening. Hope will get good cards from pack opening.

Happy Battling.

See you in field.

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