Ways to stay constant on hive.

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There are many ways people get to do some things, some might be due to them being employed and having to come constantly others might be trying to meet up to their mortgage or debts, some might be due to goals, plans, and their will to get better than before. What if you have none of these or let's just say only goals. With nothing disturbing you to make the move to work harder than before or even putting any efforts to be something or be someone. What can you do to make the necessary effort?
Their some ways I have come up with to make me put in the effort every day and I got them from just watching others that do the same thing.

Create a program


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There are many things that we can do online, it's hard to choose at first but here is a tip, do what you love to do from the start. Yes, do that thing you love to do, that thing that makes you feel like a winner even when there is no money involved, the only difference between then and now is that you added others who also like the same thing you love to do from the start and you talk to them and answer their questions as well.

Schedule a Live show

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Not many people like their faces on camera and I know how it feels like to bring up the live show topic with camera involve for some. No one wants to make a mistake at their first live show and you get yourself all set up for it. From Can Water to beer and a comfortable spot AKA the sweet spot🤗. but trust me there will still be something that will come up and make you abound the camera for a while.
When you start this live stream make sure you stick with it. No Egg hatches in a day, give it time and see results as time goes on.

Follow others that do the same thing you love to do

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The heading explains itself very well. They often say that birds of the same features flock together this is true in this case. You can say that you like the splinterlands and then choose not to follow others that love playing the game, how can you grow if you don't follow others and keep up with the latest news about the game.

Share your posts everywhere.


It is true that you make more money from Hive and things related to hive. but sharing your post and live that are in other places along with the blockchain make you see others that are looking for something just want to spent time way from their works and more will can attend your show.

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Thanks. Great ideas and good motivation. #bvamp and !hivebits


thanks, Man, I find it hard to stay constant for a year so I know there must be a way out of it.


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I actually don't mind a variety of posts but I do think sharing your posts is a great first step to getting more people. It really makes me wonder if I should make something like a Twitter account just for my hive account.

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I know man, but I don't think making one separate will be a good idea, as it is posting and sharing on Twitter is just one and the more you have things like this hook up on one account you can manage it well, a platform called Bigo live is where I planned next in sharing my live stream of splinterlands and more stuff like that. That's why we need the schedule
Thanks for your time.


Very good guidance for those, like most of us, accumulating crypto.


Love the idea of doing what you love to do from the start! That's definitely an added variable that helps with consistency, and it really does give you a positive vibe boost for the day! I wandered over from Listnerds, thanks for sharing such a great post!


am grateful that it's helpful to you and others aswell


I used to do a weekly video "The Ben and Lauren Show", I've been talking over the idea of rekindling that idea. It was fun and got a lot of interactions.


I can't wait to see the new series of that show.


Great stuff man and you are most definitely living by example. Appreciate everything you do for CTP!


Am honored, thank you for accepting me in.


Great tips and a great post to keep us motivated.

Came here through #Listnerds



Thanks for coming


Great post @hariton, you offer some very good ideas. Keep the content coming.


Thanks, and I will do my very best


I am a great example of how NOT to stay constant. I have too many interests, have a tendency to jump around from interest to interest, and therefore cannot build a following on any one of these interests. Your suggestions just reinforce my decision to work on narrowing down my focus. Thanks for the reminder.


am glad it was a help to you and I know how things are in the world, so it's difficult to keep doing one thing.
Stay safe