How to see Raw Solana Transaction and Network Congestion

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Solana has its own tools to explore its blockchain network. Through some tools we could see essential data to manage my asset and network statistics.

It may be possible to see the raw data via

  1. Solana Explorer (
  2. Solscan (
  3. Solana Beach (

Solana Explorer takes the role as Etherscan in Ethereum chain in the form of a bit simplified data arrangement and management. It provides the search functions for blocks, accounts, transactions, programs and tokens.*
This explorer provides all raw data of Solana transactions and contracts.

Solscan has east-to-use UI and offers richer data sets such as DeFi, NFTs and all token list.
If you feel Solana Explorer is complex to see your daily on-chain activities, Solscan may be good replacement.
On NFT tab, it is possible to see all NFT realtime transaction and Collections by items, Floor Price Or Volume.

Solana Beach also ahs user friendly UI that is useful to check network congestion and Validator status.

Recently Solana has had network congestion issue that make transaction failed and delayed.
So Solana Foundation deployed new node version Mainnet - v.1.8.12 to resolve this issue and make high volume transaction possible more smoothly. Let’s see how Solana get over this obstacle.
Comparing other chains, Solana seems to manage high volume transaction. But the problem is not only competing with other chains, but also it should make itself more popular that could be accepted by general people and conventional financial institutes.
Low transaction cost, high speed without delay and reliability. All chains should meet this issue soon more seriously if they wanna be survived.

(Around taking out 1,800 consensus votes, ~600 TPS is realistic)

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