Looking at MakersPlace

One of the sites selling NFT art is MakersPlace . It is an "invite only" site so you have to request an invi

Where to buy NFT art

I decided I will start looking at the NFT art available online. First I found a couple of recommended places where people buy NFT art

Curating a NFT collection

@hallmann, Blow, Wind! , 2021 So the first step is done. I have bought my first NFT and I think a good one. "There is no accounting…

Parler site online, but cannot register

Parler site is online for some time now, but it seems it is still not possible to register. I tried both on my mobile using parler app

Julian Fałat, Winter landscape

Here is another painting by a Polish painter sold in Stuttgart recently. Fałat was a court painter of emperor Wilhelm and first director…

Józef Chełmoński sold in Stuttgart

Józef Chełmoński, Scene from January Uprising , 1885 There was no bigger sensation in the Polish art world than the recent auction of…

Parler going back online?

Have just checked to see what is going on with Parler. It seems they are trying to reopen the service. Well, just to make a note for the…

Project Great Migration (with friends) - part 2

I must say I wasn't pursuing my aim with great zeal since I decided to move my group from Facebook. I must admit I wasn't able to find…

Parler online again (almost)

Maybe not everybody has noticed that the Parler website is online again. Although the service is still not working. There is just a static…

Project Great Migration (with friends) - part 1

Time has come to leave Facebook and Twitter and move forward. Easier said than done. In the last couple of days I witnessed many people…

Organic reach on Hive

The companies which ruled until very recently the social media world has decided to commit ritual sepuku and now that we live in an…

Brilliant future for Hive

Recent deplatforming of president Donald Trump by Twitter and Facebook is a sign that its owners have no longer any idea about the future…

First take at backing up my Hive blog (part 4)

(part 3) Now, when we know how to get URLs of published images all that remains is to decide how to store them. Most simple way to do…

First take at backing up my Hive blog (part 3)

(part 2) At this point (provided you managed to download all your history) you could use your favourite language's json library to…

First take at backing up my Hive blog (part 2)

(part 1) Unfortunately, getting the list of all posts by a user is not as simple as navigating to This will give us a lot o

First take at backing up my Hive blog (part 1)

You may wonder why, in the first place, anyone might want to backup data stored in the blockchain, which is the safest way to store data.…

Investing in Polish art

Olga Boznańska, Portrait of Helena Kurpiel-Łękawska , 1900 Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to convince you it is the right thing…

Jacek Malczewski's Siberian Exiles

If you don't know this artist you don't have to worry. He had only couple of exhibitions outside Poland and there are no works by him in…

Do you backup your Hive posts?

Fiducia , print by Jan Sadeler after Martin do Vos, 1579, Virtuelles Kupferstich Kabinett I never thought about backing up my Hive…

Do you invest in fine art?

All my active life I was somehow engaged in the art world, sometimes as a critic, sometimes as a museum curator. And obviously I met lot…