More Photo Experiments - Nikon D40

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As I am having an enormous amount of difficulty doing simple actions on the blockchain this morning(not sure what the issue is; it's almost as if I don't have RC but that's not the case), and I am having severe writer's block; I decided to upload a few more photos I've taken experimenting with a couple lenses a friend of mine is letting me borrow.


In my last post I explained that I had a camera sitting around collecting dust for the past few years I had lost interest in. Recently my friend randomly dug out an old Nikon lens from the floor of his VW and asked if I wanted to hold onto it for a bit. Fast forward a couple days; and he would show up at my door with another.


I don't know why I feel the need to explain this every time but I in no way consider myself a photographer. I guess I just don't want to give off the impression that I am pretending to be knowledgable about cameras or anything like that. I just like to use them.


I decided I would periodically post some of my experiments here. Not all of them are necessarily good photos, just ones I like. As I have never been much a photo editor; other than editing silly phone photos for Instagram; all of these photos are unedited. I learned to shoot on film and maybe that contributes to, what I would not call a disinterest in photo editing software, my complete forgetfulness about the subject. It's something that doesn't even cross my mind as an option.


I would like to get access to some software and start playing around with editing. The same friend who lent me the lenses informed me that nowadays you can access Adobe suite on a relatively affordable month-by-month basis online. While I am currently not in a position to spend any money whatsoever, what with the winter coming up and my having just applied for a new, more stable and better paying job within the ski resort I work for, maybe it's something I will be able to play around with in the near future.


These are all random photos from the past few weeks. I usually forget to take the camera with me(something I really need to get better at); but occasionally I actually manage to get it out of the car with us when we are exploring Vermont between responsibilities. We live in such a beautifully rural place that it couldn't be easier(given you know the area) to go to wonderful places without even being close to others. The recent ending of our quarantine as well has allowed us to make it out in "public" a little bit as well. And by public I mean the skatepark. Not much else going on here in terms of socializing.


Having Isi and Raiden as models makes trying to use a camera so much easier and more fun. With their natural good looks, it's impossible not to take a decent photo. Even if the composition completely sucks; their beauty makes up for it.

My camera won't recognize that there is a lens attached with these older lenses. Therefore it forces me to shoot full manual; focus as well. My friend told me that as kind of a disclaimer when lending me the lenses- although I prefer it that way. It forces me to try to understand what I'm doing more and feels a lot better when I get a decent product.

I'm going to try to do this more often. I hope these aren't too horrible. <3