10,000 Hours - Hour 192

It's been a weird couple days for me mentally. As I've talked about before, my partner and I are separated by border closures due to…

6 CUB's have applied - Read their stories...

Authored bu @silverstackeruk Hello everyone, today is the day!!! Today is the day we start to vote on CUBs for "Help a CUB". We have…

Why the hell am I here!? Part 2

... this is a continuation of part 1 because I have no self control over how much I write... So, I left this off pre-groceries with…

Why the hell am I here!? Part 1

How the hell did I get here? Source A little while ago I came across @caroly

How did I get here and why I'm still here

I just learned of a question initiated by @themarkymark who asks How did you get here and why are you still here *I'm not sure if…

What Is Evergreen Content And Why You Should Write Them On Leo

The reason I'm posting this on Leo is because evergreen content will not only bring viewers into Leo short term but also long term. When…