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10,000 Hours - Hour 192

It's been a weird couple days for me mentally. As I've talked about before, my partner and I are separated by border closures due to…

Why the hell am I here!? Part 2

... this is a continuation of part 1 because I have no self control over how much I write... So, I left this off pre-groceries with…

Why the hell am I here!? Part 1

How the hell did I get here? Source A little while ago I came across @caroly

10,000 Hours - Hour 24

12:24 am. Love of my life by my side, fast asleep. TV off. Nerves on. Silence. Aside from the occasional fart coming from my perfect…

Rural Skate Adventures- Empty Inn Pool

(y'all really don't need to read all this shit if you don't want to. clip at bottom) Yo Skate Hive. This is my first post in the…

5(maybe 10) Minute Freewrite Day 1075 - Project Bag

What the hell is in that thing? Ellen wondered every single day she sat in that office. Every day for over 4 years. [Source](

More Photo Experiments - Nikon D40

As I am having an enormous amount of difficulty doing simple actions on the blockchain this morning(not sure what the issue is; it's…

Camera Experiment #1 - Nikon D40

This is my first photography post on the HIVE blockchain! I'd like to start by saying I, in no way , consider myself to be a…

5 Minute Freewrite Day 1069 - Fungus

Source Day 179 since the pandemic hit close to home. Papillon had lost track of how many days since the p

Bleeding Radio #1 - El Polen (1972) - Valecha

Brief Intro *I previously wrote a series of music "reviews"(for lack of a better word) on a different blockchain platform. I have since…

Freewrite Day 1061 - Bar Stool

Source He had grown tired of the same old neon walls. The same old mirror. The same old pictures. The same

Freewrite Day 1060 - Mystified

Source Why did I ever call that phone number? Emilia was spiraling. Something that seemed so innocent, so inter

5 Minute Freewrite day 1040 - Revenge

How COULD he? He walks away as always. With a simple reassurance that he will be back soon. He always comes back , but his…