Random thoughts after another setback

Energy prices are flying through the roof What is that? Every time, just when I think things are starting to go well, there comes…

Gratitude for Hive and Leofinance

Skipper, Lana & Myla [Abundance Tribes BiWeekly Question](

CHAOS in my mind

Feeling Electrified, Shocked and Ashamed It took me a while to put into words what happened to me again in my newfound…

SPK Network | LARYNX Miner Claim drop - 90 Days until Snapshot

We are happy to announce that exactly three months (90 Days) from now, we will do the snapshot

I spoiled myself with outdoor boots!

Dog Lover for Life It is of course no longer a secret that I am a dog lover, and that my life is enriched every day by the 3 most…

A tradition of love and hate

A GOOD tradition of love and hate… I think that's the best way to describe my 'relationship' with Splinterlands. When the game…

Keywords, Top Pages & Content Ideas For LeoFinance

In my previous post, [The LeoFinance Optimization Progress Over The Last 10 Weeks](

Afghanistan wealth?

Trying to push crypto back into the dark black criminal corner You must have been living under a rock the last few days not to see the…

The 30 Day Content Challenge

In last night's live stream , we introduced CTP members to a new challenge that we a

CUB: Partnering with SugarRush!

Big things are in motion right now for CUB, as it scores it's first partnership with SugarRush.Finance , a DeFi project in its presale…

Ethereum Vs Cardano

Cardano (ADA) is an open-source, proof of stake blockchain to build and run smart contracts and other decentralized protocols. The…

Why is there so much STEM price action lately?

You may have noticed there is a lot more activity lately. What gives? I'm not going to give you financial advice, but I will tell you…

Slowly thinking long-term

And the reason is ... We can all get around it, but the fact is that everyone who is in crypto does this for a reason. And the reason…

The Muddling Of Cryptocurrency

We see the inefficiency of government at work. In an effort to "protect investors", the unknowing dimwits in Washington are proposing a…

Tough times for Crypto?

Browsing the news This morning, as usual, I was browsing for the day's crypto news. And my eye fell on an article that states that Gary…

Hive: The Blockchain Of Abundance

It is happening. This is no longer theory. When I first started discussing this concept a few years back, it took some foresight to see…

A little update

I've been quiet Hello everyone! I am still alive. It's been quiet on this side, but don't worry because I'm just living, and I'm doing…

The Weekly BRO. Issue 2

Good day to all of you Bro´s. Here we are with the second edition of our own BRO Newspaper. And what a first week we had. And how good to…

Mysterious Seed of My Neighbor Alice.....

I am one of those, who is not really into gaming! I am not sure for what sort of reason, I always stayed away from this sector as much as…

Voting upon weekly dividends - 3rdvote

Written by @alexvan Voting upon weekly dividends Dear LBI holders, another 3 months have passed since we had our last vote on the…