Ohw my god, I can't believe this ...

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But it's TRUE!


Unbelievable! Only 17 days ago I wrote a post that I wanted to double the 1000 euros from my original goal.

Well, Guess what?

Due to a few crypto-related windfalls,

I have already succeeded!

I couldn't believe my eyes today when I read a message via Twitter that I had become the winner in a contest. And still thought, well… nice, another t-shirt or maybe 25 dollars. Anyway, always nice to win a contest.

A check of my wallet address

A condition of the contest was that you had to hold their tokens in your wallet during the contest, the message was if I could send them my wallet address, so they could check whether I had met that condition. I dutifully forwarded my wallet address with even the thought, "If it is a hacker, he is out of luck because there is nothing more than just that token in that wallet". LOL.

Price sent

A few hours later I got a message that the tokens of the prize had been sent to my wallet and I neatly sent a “Thank you” message back adding that I was happy to be a winner in their contest. Then my partner asked me exactly what I had actually won, how much it was worth.

Oh my god, this can't be true ...

I went to have a look and couldn't believe my eyes. Checked three times, looked again, checked again, again and said to my partner "This can't be true." Dumbfounded, he looked at me and said, "Have you been hacked, have we lost everything now?". I didn't know how quickly to reassure him, the opposite was true. I just received tokens worth $1000 in my wallet!

I got lost

Unbelievable! And I am very happy with it! You can say that. This is not something I experience on a daily basis, so you understand that I really got lost for a while. Now the question was again what we were going to do with this. Leave it in a token that I had actually only seen drop since I bought it. 49 million tokens for $10. LOL. But which does have a fee of 10% if you sell it. I had planned to just leave those 49 million tokens. Namely, they yield more tokens when someone else sells. And then I would take another look in 4 years time.

Now what to do?

But given that I saw it go up once, and then steadily but firmly down, I didn't know if that would be the smartest choice. It is not yet that far that I can say, well… a thousand more or less, I do not miss that. We are in a bull market NOW, the opportunity is NOW to do more with what I have. But then I have to invest it wisely.


And to be fair, it's not just mine. My partner certainly has a say in this, although he does not do anything with cryptocurrency himself, it is also his money. After we had consulted for a while, and he had been looking at the graphs, we both thought it was more sensible to opt for a slightly safer investment. Set a slippage of 12% and make the swap to BNB.

It feels more safe in BNB

Either way, it's both a risk. Because suppose the tokens that I had with a value of $1000 suddenly do a 1000x. Yes then I am fed up. But then again, if you see it reduced from $1000 to $500, you're not happy either! BNB is currently a reasonable safe bet in our opinion. So I'm happy anyway. Because despite the 10% fee for selling, I am now 1.4 BNB richer than this morning when I woke up. And with just 2 clicks on Twitter.

Sometimes the Twitter life isn't that bad!

However, the challenge is getting bigger. Because now that I've doubled 1000 to 2000. Well, you get the idea… now I want 4000!


Goals, goals, goals… it's a 'hard crypto life'. LOL

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