RE: #FinancialGoals2021 Initiative | Share your plan to grow in 2021 | HIVE and LEO Prizes

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Thank you for this initiative @theycallmedan.

I just want to say that I enjoyed writing the post, it got me motivated again to write a blog after period in which I completely lost my inspiration. Not that the situation seems very rosy now, but at least this initiative has got me blogging again. It is a pity that it didn't receive any appreciation by the initiator. I am not talking about a vote here, because that is of course completely free choice. But I would also appreciate a comment as a token of appreciation.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that I have participated in such an initiative ... and completely unnoticed in the many posts that come in response. What this has to do with is not entirely clear. It could be that this has to do with time zones like @thisismylife says above me here. But it is a pity that apparently a whole team is able to find and appreciate posts from only 1 time zone.

This demotivates me a little to climb into the pen again for a next initiative. And that's too bad because I really do appreciate the initiatives.

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