A Dummy Question | What Does Crypto Cold Wallet And Crypto Hot Wallet Actually Mean

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Hot wallet and Cold wallet are phrases that are typically used in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, so for some of us who are new to the crypto ecosystem you will find out these phrases being used in crypto news, bulletins and news flash. So on todays write up I am going touch briefly on this try to break it down to your understanding as possible as I can.


So Hot wallets has do with web-base wallets, mobile wallets and desktop wallets are typically grouped under hot wallets.
The fact that this wallets are online has ultimately made them vulnerable to cyber/ online attacks, as from findings it is said that web- wallets are the least vulnerable to these attacks.
One of the advantages which the hot wallet has over the cold wallet it the ease of crypto transactions, base of the fact it’s online you can practically easy to make any crypto transactions. It’s not advice to keep bulk of digital assets on hot wallets, if your are deep pocket investor is advisable to make use of the cold wallet to store for assets.

The fact that cold wallets are not connected to the internet in any way makes them more secure, for a theft to take place you have an access such as pins, passwords to these wallets which will require your physical presence or possession of these device.
Cold wallets usually comes in USB like stick which requires a computer before any transaction can be carried out.
Well when you take about security, the cold wallet is fairly secured.

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