FTX Collapse Has Reshaped The Future Of Crypto Industry

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Post FTX crash, is an eye opener for most of these deep investors. During this wake we saw their native token plummet to trading at 2$ at most, this lead to the exchange filling in for bankruptcy.
They call on for crypto regulation for the crypto space, tho the entire market suffered which short term traders at a great loss. I just feel that the system is flushing out bad eggs or should we put it as “BAD ACTS” out of the system. In an interview with Micheal Saylor as regards this, he’s thought process was that the collapse has helped reshaped the future of cryptocurrency calming that deep pocket bitcoin investors request bitcoin to be detached from cryptocurrency.


“The FTX collapse is an expensive ad for Bitcoin. Too many good ideas have been pursued by the crypto industry in an unethical, unsound, irresponsible fashion. The only viable future is registered digital assets trading on regulated digital exchanges.”

During this collapse the primary digital asset printed a new all time low in one year selling below $16k, but there are projections that it might slide down to $11k.

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