How Possible Can Bitcoin Crashes To $10k Market Trading Price

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Are we going to see bitcoin go $10,000 market selling price? Will this be referred to it has bitcoin reaching it’s bottom, well in a strategy session with a renowned crypto analyst which he is on the option that bitcoin reaching $10k won’t be possible that we shouldn’t even dream about it. In the session he says that bitcoin bulls will hold and keep the support frame for bitcoin from not plunging down to $10k.

“There’s a pretty reasonable chance that we won’t see the $10,000 like I’ve talked about for quite a while on the futures market. You got a nice number here of $14,900 on the spot market for the cycle low thus far. It is at around $15,500 depending on which exchange you’re on.”


He says if bitcoin is able to be bullish this coming week, it will outrightly erase the market collapse which was felt by the FTX| Binance acquisition by trail.

“If we get above around $18,500 or $18,600, that is going to be a very strong sign that this was just a shakeout, a big wash, and we will over the weeks, over the course of November, maybe attempt to recover a few more of those losses and head back towards $20,000. It doesn’t mean we can’t close up above that $18,500, come back down, put in a higher low over the weeks, this will take time. In that case, that’s a strong sign that we’ll probably come back up and test some higher prices.”

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