PolyCub Multi Token Bridge | pSPS Entrance To Polygon Network

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The V2 PolyCub vault launch has brought great opportunity to the Leofinance community and the hive ecosystem at Large and guess who just benefited from one of it’s abilities is the SPS governance token.
The success of Splinterlands as a Play to Earn game (P2E) and also it’s governance token has been widely felt, and as promised by the development team that coming weeks SPS would be featured in the PolyCub bridge.

One of the abilities of the PolyCub multi token bridge is that it can be able to wrapped tokens on the bridge with the help of the just released PolyCub V2 Vault.


Subsequently we have witnessed the likes of Hive backed dollar(HBD), Hive, all featured on the PolyCub blockchain and they are represented as pHBD, pHive. Now of recent SPS has made it’s grand entrance into the PolyCub ecosystem with the monicker of pSPS, which is a wrapped token of SPS Splinterlands. This launch will be of benefit positively as you can now wrap SPS which is a native token with it’s Utility in the game (Splinterlands) from the hive engine seamlessly.

When SPS token eventually launch on polygon network it will definitely bring more users to the platform, and also this is provide the Splinterlands SPS token with another use case which is the ability to be wrapped polygon by means of third party. Wrapping SPS is quite easy, if you have done that for Hive and HBD then this will definitely be a walk in the park for you as of it’s same process you just have to follow.

While to provide liquidity is quite easy, as you have to go on the PolyCub platform and hit the Get PSPS-POLYCUB LP, then afterwards you add pSPS-POLYCUB on Sushiswap while on PolyCub you just have to enable farm and click the add liquidity button then you can start earning.

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