Possibly Real Life Use Case For DogeCoin With Elon Twitter Take Over

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Let that sink in is a common phrase on Twitter due to Elon musk take over, walking in twitter HQ couple of weeks ago. Since he’s assumption of office he has taken steps to online some rules and regulations he’s out rightly going to change, one of those was getting payment for the blue check for verified account there are speculation that this payment might be in meme token Dogecoin will be enabled for this process.

The host of coin bureau is taking a critical look at doge coin on having a real life use case, in the YouTube session which he said that;

“Can you see all those Bitcoin HODLers opening their wallets to spend their BTC on Twitter? I’m not sure I can. And, like it or loathe it, BTC is now digital gold. And, as Gresham’s Law states, the more valuable something is perceived to be, the less likely people are to want to spend it.


Meanwhile, DOGE’s sheer abundance means it’s much more likely that people would be willing to actually spend it rather than hodl. And, of course, using DOGE, or, indeed, any other crypto for that matter, has many advantages over fiat currencies, too. For one thing, Twitter wouldn’t have to set up dozens and dozens of specific payment gateways across the world in order to use an internet-based currency that is freely available.

Most exchanges support DOGE and it’s perhaps only second to Bitcoin in terms of recognition. Most people may not know the ins and outs of it… but, chances are, they have, at least, heard of it.

Then, there’s also DOGE’s low sticker price, which would mean that many who are new to crypto would feel more comfortable using than they would something like BTC.”

With all this speculations is what I could say has attributed to the recent pump with the meme token is currently experiencing in the cryptocurrency market. This has definitely put the meme coin competitor Shiba a run for it’s money, well these are just speculations let's see what will possibly happen which the board put pen to paper.

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Amazing write up


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Let's see how the price of DOGE would fare in the future. The recent pump may just be temporary as many would be selling it as soon they will be receiving it. I don't know but that's what I would do. 😊


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