Solana (Sol) Power Outages Can’t Stand In The Way Of Cryptocurrency Awareness

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We all know solana as the blockchain with the highest experience as regards power outages, for me personally I can’t really keep track of the amount of power outages that has been reported.

The ethereum competitor is on a quest onboarding 1 billion users to the digital space, hold that thought how will this be possible? Well for some reason I have been waiting to get answers as regards the ethereum competitor power outages, in the a InvestAnswers session this was explained explicitly that the ecosystem is carrying out a test on it’s blockchain to see the limits.


The analyst continues that solana is really on the path of making the next wave of massive adoption to the digital space;

“[Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal’s] goal is to bring one billion on to blockchain and yes, it’s only achievable by testing limits and these guys have the credentials to pull it off…

Web2 had lots of crashes. It’s normal. It’s part of development when you push the limits of anything. I always use the Formula One analogy – the cars that are the fastest sometimes have the engines that blow up the quickest as is Ferrari this season…

But again, think about the chain. Think about the scale. Yes, the code needs improvement. Yes, stability is key. It’s still in beta. It’s still a very young chain, and the adoption is way beyond my wildest dreams as of March 2021. Did I think that [Solana would] be eating Ethereum’s lunch at this rate? Nope.”

Relating that Sol has an advantage in the crypto community is really something I thing I will give it to, cause most of these non fungible tokens NFT’s has found the blockchain as a safe haven more than ethereum with it’s outrageous gas fees and the transaction time.

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