A New Life With More Financial Freedom

A Life Changing Opportunity I have been here for almost 5 years and even though I haven't been able to obtain a truly life-changing…

"I'm Rewarded For My Engaging Content!"

When it comes to social media posting and writing articles, it might be important to think about how you write as your goal should…

Spelling Errors And To Reward People For Mistakes

Low Quality Or Just Poor Grammar We know that spam and low quality doesn't go well on Hive. Most curators would ignore low quality post

0.01% vs 100%

Every day I spend many, many hours in manual curation. Nowdays not only in LeoFinance tribe, but now also in the new POB…

Hive Goals For 2021 - What, When, How And Why.

Hive Goals For 2021 Setting goals and objectives are important for a variety of reasons. From goal setting in business to setting goals in

The Treasures Within - Unlimited Options To Earn

The Treasures Within Hive is an innovative and forward-looking decentralized blockchain and ecosystem, designed to scale with widespread…

I Power Down And Here's Why.

I have been powering down for a couple of weeks now and I am likely to power down for the rest of this month as well. That means 3…

Become An Engagement Magnet & Make Comments For Money

There, I said it. You are looking for money and even though you claim to be here for the community in first hand, we all know that money…

Some LEO Rewards During The Month Of April.

There has been quite some time since I last saw a detailed report of authors rewards on LeoFinance so I figured I would sort of do one for…

Here For The Community? - Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

"Stayed For The Community" I am not really known around here for being quiet, and even though I can be vocal at times about certain…

SPAM Much? = ✓MUTE

I am usually a very humble person and I frequently ignore peoples stupid mistakes. I try to teach them differently and I give…

Salary At Work - What Makes or BREAKS Morale.

I have been working at my current job for more than one year now and I have just become a permanent employee, which basically means that I…

"How To CASH OUT?!" - Ask Yourselves THIS Before Worrying About Cashing Out.

"I Want To Cash OUT." This is probably not the answer you are looking for, but I promise you that it will be something you…

Let's Talk & Win! - Round 4 Winners! + UPDATES! [Boosting Engagement]

Before I reveal the winners for round 4, I need to tell you that I will pause this on-going contest. I know it's just after I have…

Steps For Success - How To Take Us To New Heights

Let me just put it out there right from the start. I don't have all the ingredients, I am not a heavily-invested account and I don't have…

Third Time Is The Charm - POB Can Change The Game Together With LeoFinance

This is my first post in the #POB community (or using the POB-tag), and even though it's my very first post, it's not like I am a total…

Engagement is rewarded on LeoFinance and 600 Leo Power Achieved

source Currently there are many ways that engagement is rewarded

Paying It Forward & Setting A New Standard

I have been talking a lot about engagement lately and I do various things in an attempt to increase the overall engagement, boosting the…

Let's Talk & Win! - Round 3 Winners! [Boosting Engagement]

It's time to reveal the winners for round 3, but before I do that there's something else I want to share with you. I am eager to boost the…

Giving Away RANDOM LEO Prizes To BOOST Engagement!

BOOSTING ENGAGEMENT I have talked about the importance of engagement more than a handful times since I became an active, passionate and…