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Curation Sensation!

My 100% vote is worth 0.290 LEO and authors and curators split rewards equally on LeoFinance, so that equates to 0.145 LEO for myself and 0.145 LEO to the author whose content I vote on.

0.290 / 2 = 0.145

This basically means that my stake of ~2600 LEO gives me the opportunity to distribute 2.9 LEO per day in total, if I want to regenerate my voting power the next day. This equates to 20.3 LEO per week or to make it even easier, 29 LEO per 10 days.


For each 10 days that goes by, I grow my stake with 14.5 LEO and help to strengthen the community with the other 14.5 LEO. During the time I grow my own stake, my votes will be worth more and more and I will accumulate more tokens while I continue to distribute even more tokens with each upvote.


I know there are users out there not using their voting power in full because it feels useless or unnecessary, all because it doesn't seem like it's "worth it" and it doesn't have a "significant" impact on their stakes, but I want those people to reconsider their approach and decision.


I don't have the "perfect" voting strategy and many others might have better results than me, especially as I'm unfortunately sitting with idling voting power of 100% recently for various reasons.

However, I often vote on articles with 75-100% of my voting power. I vote differently in terms of comments, and I usually vote from 33% all the way up to 100%. I think this is something I will do in the future as well, regardless of the stake I have.

I will change this voting pattern if (when) I have been able to grow my stake 10x or more.

While this doesn't change someone's pending rewards by significant amounts, I still contribute towards a healthier platform and a stronger community due to the token distribution.

I have seen many users actively curate wealthier accounts rather than newcomers or lesser accounts in, what I believe is, an attempt to get recognition and in hopes of being curated by these wealthier accounts going forward, but I personally think this is poor decision-making.

The stake is yours and you are free to do whatever you want with your stakes. I don't hold grudges and I won't argue about you doing things wrong or not because of that, but I still think a better move would be to change your approach.

A better approach, according to me, is to "spread the wealth" or in other words, curate lesser accounts, because truth to be told, these wealthier accounts does not depend on your ~0.1 votes while those votes for a lesser account can be the decision maker for that user to either stay or give up.

You see, a wealthier account, even though I bet that most of them are happy for each vote they get, they are more likely to reward you for a good, well-thought comment on their articles rather than "giving back" because you also gave them a full upvote. So vote on these wealthier accounts with less voting power and curate lesser accounts with the remaining voting power instead, and focus on making comments to get recognition in your attempts to get future upvotes.

As you grow your account, your lesser votes will still be worth something.

During the last 7 days I upvoted 116 times to a total of 77 different users with 0% self votes. You are free to vote on yourself and I won't judge those who do, but I personally have never liked the idea of voting on myself if I am being rewarded by others. I obviously want my efforts to be rewarded, so if I would get nothing or close to nothing for my contributions, I would upvote my own articles because I truly believe they are worth at least the amount I am capable of adding.

That being said, I still upvote wealthier accounts or well-known authors on a more or less daily basis and I still upvote at 100% at times, but I am honestly speaking more interested in spreading the wealth and to focus more on newcomers and lesser accounts instead, because a strong foundation is created by a healthy token distribution.

Food for thought:
My vote 100% vote is worth 0.29 LEO and I'm able to distribute a total of 2.9 LEO per day.
The largest token holder on LeoFinance is able to distribute more than 500 LEO per day.

That being said, it takes ~180 users with my stake to distribute that amount of tokens per day, but it is doable with time if people would spread their votes instead of growing only a handful of users.

You see, those 10, 20, 30 or perhaps even 40 wealthier accounts will never be able to distribute tokens as far and wide as the rest of this community can do, if we combined our efforts.

Spread The Wealth!

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