Happy Hive-Year! | Hive & LeoFinance Goals For 2021

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Fellow Hivers & Lions...

I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions, and I actually think it's weird for people to make "life changing" promises on the last day of the year, year after year...

  • Quit smoking.
  • Exercise more.
  • Lose weight.
  • Get organized.

These are just a few common New Year's resolutions and what I don't like with these things are the fact that anyone can make these changes whenever they want. You don't need a new year to make these things become a reality, and definitely not to make these promises either..

However, with less than 1 hour remaining of the year 2020, I think this is the perfect opportunity for me to reveal my goals for the next year. You see, having goals and making promises are very different from each other and the truth is that I don't let anyone down except for myself if I can't reach my goals..

  • I would let others down by making promises I can't keep though.

I am more realistic than my "younger self" nowadays and I strive to make progress in life. I strive to adapt, grow and to become a better version of myself, because I truly believe that there is room for improvement during one's life. Regardless of how great you are. I have come far and this year has been a roller coaster in various ways. Personally and for the rest of the world as well.

I have been working full time for one year with psychiatry, more specifically as an assistant nurse specialized in psychiatry. I have talked about that in the past, and I have mentioned previously that my mission in life is to help others. I want to help people who suffers from mental illness so they can live their lives to the fullest. That was the whole reason with my education and that is still my main objective with this career.

I have often called myself a support pillar and I have been like that for the majority of my life. I have always been that one person you can call in the middle of the night. I have been the person you can rely on at all times and that is basically who I am. It is in my nature to help others, even though I don't have all the ingredients, all the answers or live a perfect life, I help others.

To put things into perspective and give you some examples for how that affects my blockchain-journey with Steem and Hive, I have done a handful of things during my 4+ years that has been with more focus on others rather than myself. For instance:

  • I delegated my entire stake to a handful of people.
  • I co-launched a Manual Curation team with focus on the 'lesser accounts'.
  • I launched multiple "push people" initiatives to create minnows.

While these things are different from each others, they all have one thing in common. It was with the intention of creating a strong middle class and a healthy community. We had well-more than 200 users in our Discord channel when we ran the curation team and that all started with me delegating 100% of my own stake to others. I had zero intentions of making any profits by doing that, and our manual curation project was never to profit anything either.

The "push people" initiatives was simply put me hand-picking users who where close to reach the minnow-threshold of 500 HP, and I made a post about them. I brought them attention by using my reputation and my credibility I have acquired during the years I've been here and we (me and my audience) donated funds or- power to grow these specific users. A.K.A "Pushed Them Into Minnowhood".

Happy Hive-Year!

With 2021 on our doorsteps, I have a couple of announcements to make. I won't go into details regarding things in real life, but I will mention some of the things related to my online persona. You know me as hitmeasap and my goal is to grow my presence, influence, audience and to increase my reputation on Hive.

My Hive Power

My LEO Power

My Hive Profile

My LeoFinance Profile

As you all can see, I am not a big or wealthy account by any means, and my goal has never been to become one. While I obviously wish I were a big whale who could spread juicy upvotes across the platform and its communities in an attempt to distribute tokens far and wide, I know that the chances for me doing that are slim to none. I want a stronger foundation though, and I truly believe that a healthy community needs a strong foundation to build upon, so I will do my part. I will spread my upvotes, hence distributing tokens, in a similar way like I've been doing lately.

I spread my votes to somewhere between 50 and 80 accounts per week, which equates to roughly 20 LEO being distributed each week. 10 LEO to others and 10 LEO to myself as my upvotes are worth ~0.290.

10 x 0.290 = 2.9
2.9 x 7 = 20.3

This means that I distribute as many tokens as I possible can each week, and with 100% upvotes, I give each user an average of ~0.150 LEO per vote. This is not life changing by any means, but it adds up quickly.

With 10 users doing the same, one user will get a total of 1.5 LEO on average. 100 users doing the same would equal 15 LEO for that specific user.. 1000 users.. You get the point.

This is what I believe is the best way to build a strong foundation that gives us a healthy community, and it starts with something as easy as one simple upvote.. The receiver is what matters the most.

Even though I would love to help people to pay their rents or give them enough so they could afford to buy groceries or medicine, I want to support people who supports the platform. That basically means that I don't want to support users who are cashing out everything they earn, or people who are not powering up any of their rewards.

This has nothing to do with me not caring about these people, and I will most likely upvote some of these people regardless with time, but I want to focus on the people who brings something back to the platform. I want to support those who invest in the platform I hope will thrive, because the truth is that I will be able to do more for those in need with more stake and with a higher token price..

  • So it's a win/win situation, in the long haul.

That being said, I have ~3500 Hive Power and ~2650 LEO Power at the time I am writing this. My goal for 2021 is to reach 10000 for each, with milestones of 5000 Power. That means 5000 Hive Power and 5000 LEO Power for starters.

  • That's my next destination!

I will reveal some other things in the near future.. Until then; Happy Hive-Year!

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