How To Make Your Post POP On Search Engines!

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This Is What We Can Do!

We have talked about "The Keywords That Brings Most Organic Traffic To!" for 38 weeks in a row already and I have shared the "Top Pages By Traffic in a MASSIVE LeoFinance report previously. I have also talked about the "Best Way To Generate More Traffic With The Same Content" and you've also seen what you can do to "Keep Positions On Google For MORE Organic Traffic".

All of these different things is me trying to increase the overall organic traffic to LeoFinance and Hive. I am trying to produce easy to follow- and understand content because I want others to fully realize the awesome opportunity we have with optimized content and I am going after real growth.

While we have some truly outstanding optimized content that brings in organic traffic month after month, I am aiming higher than that. I want to take advantage of all the fantastic content creators out there, pointing them in the right direction, so they in turn can point traffic towards LeoFinance and Hive with their content, and maximize the results by doing some minor changes to their content.

What I haven't talked much about is one of the most vital things when it comes to content creation. You see, it's not enough to publish an amazing 5000 word long article that has been optimized to its teeth. In fact, we could have so much better results by doing something more on top of that.

I'll start this thing by saying something simple:

  • One post is like a chapter in a book.

It can be the absolute best, most awesome, intriguing and fantastic chapter you've ever written, seen, read or heard, but at the end of the day, it’s still just one chapter.

Any book needs a cover. Books also include a lot of chapters, where some of which are less intriguing than others. Some chapters will focus on the main character while other chapters might focus more on the surroundings or supporting characters.

Think of any book or movie. The Lord Of The Rings wasn't just about the ring.. Wouldn't be much of a movie if it was a 3 hour long video showcasing the ring. Instead, we saw Frodo, Samwise, Gandalf, Elfs, Orcs this and that throughout the entire movie.

We need to be captivated by something to watch the entire movie or read the whole book. That requires storytelling. Storytelling is about telling stories. It is about using stories to engage your audience, or to make something more clear.

  • The same goes for the content you are trying to rank.

Look, I'm not telling you what to write and I don't share tips for "How To Write Captivating Posts", even though I have done that in the past to some extent. I am talking about something easier than that. A lot easier. I am talking about writing "several chapters" and to point all of them towards your first chapter, also known as the post you are trying to rank.

  • That is called internal linking and is crucial to rank content.

Let Me Show You What I Mean


There are various ways you can do internal linking, but the image above gives you a decent description of the process. You make one post that you want to drive traffic to. Once you've published that article, you'll create "support posts", that more or less includes the information within your main post, but you create these one by one, and make more "chapters".

To give you a better explanation, I'll use one of my previous posts. I want to drive traffic towards one of my recent posts over time and this is how I will do that:

The post is: Best Way To Earn Interest On Crypto

The post is a short, straight to the point post that covers the main things about Hive Backed Dollars and the interest rate. Current users on Hive is aware of these things, but outsiders are not. So I have published this post to attract people from outside of Hive/LeoFinance.

Within the post, you can see a handful of bullet points under the "Why HBD Savings?" section:

Hive-Backed Dollars.
No Loans Or Staking.
Control Over Your Asset.
Stablecoin Pegged At USD$.
Interest Rate: 20.00% APR.
3-Day Withdrawal Period.

If- or when I am looking to create "support posts" to have my main post ranked, I can/should create more content about these topics and include links to my main article in each of them.

As I know that "How, When and What" is usually great keywords, I could create a post targeting "How To Control Your Asset" for instance, and talk about Hive, the security and that you control your assets, as you are the only one having access to your account due to the passwords.

Another example would be to create a post like: "How To Get 20% Interest Rate" and talk about Hive and HBD savings. A third post could be "Top 5-10 Stablecoins" and obviously include HBD with a link to my main post, which in this case is the [Best Way To Earn Interest On Crypto] post I mentioned above.

The thing with these "support posts" or "chapters", is not to rank them individually. Optimizing them is obviously a great idea at all times, but these posts doesn't have to be filled with in-depth information, as they are only used to support the main post. That also makes these posts easier to write in many occasions. They should obviously be unique and not a blatant copy from your main post.

Again, think about "The Lord Of The Rings" as your main post. Frodo is undeniable the main character, but you need to talk about Samwise and Gandalf too, to get the whole picture of Frodo and the movie.

With that being said, you can, and should do this with content from others as well. Include links to other authors content, if- or when it's related. That's how winning is done.

That's What It Takes To Make Your Posts POP On Google!

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