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In my previous post, The LeoFinance Optimization Progress Over The Last 10 Weeks, @taskmaster4450 told me that he wanted to see the keywords that was bringing in traffic to

This is how it looked like:


The reports contains several hundred, and several thousands of keywords and urls, which would be too much to share in a single post, so I figured I would do something different. Instead of showing you all of them, I will give you the list of keywords and top pages based on visits, and exclude any keyword or page that haven't been driving organic traffic recently.

KeywordVolumePositionEstimated VisitsSearch Difficulty
dogeland mining207966
leo finance14018463
gusano cuetano904669
how to connect metamask to pancakeswap2608418
gamee install160026349
staking dot on kraken1104353
xyearn finance509360
black acres of the gambia72018263
connect metamask to pancakeswap1409244
kraken polkadot staking1408236
leo financial1406271
gencoin startup11010285
andrei jikh stock portfolio904262
finviz sq9021263
andrei jikh dividend portfolio705260
ark funds monitor706261
andrei jikh portfolio48061058
chirpty circle100020150
dollar milkshake theory100016155
altcoin season index88011176
alt season index32015162
altseason index32015162
black acres of gambia26018140
noise cash21011131
tlm to wax21013123
crypto airdrops reddit17021191
kraken polka dot staking1707128
barcelona vs bayern odds14015168
kraken dot staking1407136
sam zell spac14010159
storedot spac14020151
alcor tlm wax11020150
coingecko candies11015168
osmosis airdrop11019172
polka dot staking kraken1106164
polkadot staking kraken1106162
silver slayer youtube11014184
backyard bullion9018163
gencoin netflix9016188
mene jewelry reviews9014172
our glass crypto9012147
pipe flare crypto9014173
premyn cap9020151
sergey nazarov satoshi nakamoto9014141
twtr finviz9015158
uphold network fee9014172
what does shill mean in crypto9020168
5 bees for a quarter7016176
binance can't login7016166
binance smart chain metamask setup7016153
bitfun faucet7014144
chainlink telegram7013152
cub finance7013159
exabit co7017170
harmony one metamask707143
no loss lottery7010161
polygold finance7012146
prepared suburbanite7012164
rune staking7010141
the hive prizes7010142
xfi coingecko7012151
200 week moving average heatmap505165
bittrex wallet maintenance5021160
dot staking kraken507158
finviz python5013164
how to use pancakeswap with metamask5018151
instadapp airdrop5018165
is shiba inu a scam506160
mft coingecko5014156
mina coinbase5019184
money saved is money earned5012166
nft hive505149
numpy exponential moving average5011157
nvidia gaugan unblocked506133
ourglass token5017158
pancake swap metamask5020160
pine script functions5011143
rm600 to usd5020131
staking cake on pancakeswap5017155
ulink finance505155
wyckoff manipulation5010169
xyfi airdrop505152
coinbase compound lesson 44015164
feveriq pi network4014156
how to stake polkadot on kraken406151
kolobok wax4016150
pine script to python4012160
tradingview black friday sale4013160
true gbp4017156
andrei jikh stocks3010160
chirpty slots3017150
coingecko api excel305144
idex airdrop3017163
kraken staking polkadot306155
mo finviz3014159
what does nucypher use to protect your data coinbase3020158
andrei jikh dividend2011177
andrei jikh robinhood portfolio2011145
beckstrom's law2011163
black friday tradingview2013179
is dogeland io legit205153
pine script moving average2014151
tradingview black friday deal2010160
yougov safe extension2012171

There you have it. All keywords after this, from the report I've gathered has 0 visits so I don't include them in this post..

Now it's time for the top pages based on visits:

TitleURLEst. VisitsBacklinks
Dogeland - Scam or not?
Problems with all Dividend Portfolio
Staking Polkadot (DOT) With Kraken Tutorial - 12% Rewards!
How to connect MetaMask with PancakeSwap?
"Gusanos cuetanos, una maravillosa mariposa en potencia."
Staking Polkadot (DOT) With Kraken Tutorial - 12% Rewards!
Is the startup Gencoin real?
Automating Finviz Screener with Selenium in Python
Xyearn Finance (XYFI) Airdrop
Andrei Jikh's crypto portfolio in 2021
GAMEE Review - Play Games And Win Money
Black Acres Of The Gambia - Can They Create...
Tradingview is Offering 40-60% Black Friday Deals and why
Using Finviz API To Get Stocks Data Programmatically
200 week moving average heatmap This's my favorite chart
Altcoin Season Index breaks the line first time since August
Excited that $CUB will be Listed on DefiStation ! Is $BNB
How to Stake RUNE in Runevault and Earn Weekly Dividends
HiveSnap - ARK Invest Followers Alert! Great tool!
Converting Pine Script Indicators Into Python Daily Alerts Report
erengel —
I Bought Billion GLASS Tokens for $12+
My Chirpty Circle
"""Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth"""
My Impression Of PublishOx
AI Art Creation using NVIDIA GAUGAN
Tradingview Pine Script: Functions and Annotations
"Using Celsius To Earn 10% Interest On ""True GBP"""
Network Value Through the Prism of Beckstrom's Law
How to add (ONE) Harmony Network on Metamask
Make Your CryptoCurrency Tangible - Create Real-time Utility
Osmosis and Akash - A Match Made In Decentralized Heaven.
StoreDot And Their $3.5 Billion SPAC Valuation
Backyard Bullion (@backyardbullion)
Earn Free Crypto NuCypher On Coinbase Earn! + Answers
Sport24live - LeoFinance
Calculating the Exponential Moving Average in Python
My Thoughts on PolyGold
ssbank — LeoFinance
Free candy offered by Coingecko! Claim yours now!
Prepared Suburbanite (@prepsub) —
How to Convert BAT into XRP on the Uphold Wallet & Save on ...
"What Does HODL, FOMO, Rekt, Shill, and FUD Mean?"
DiveCrewCanada - LeoFinance
XFI is still on the Rise - More than 600% gains in 2 days
Mene Jewelry Reviews
vs Exponential Moving Average (EMA) in Pine Script & Python
How to run a Neutral Futures Trading Bot on Binance
Is BitFun any Fun in 2021? What to Know about...
rentmoney —
Sam Zell Getting Into The SPAC Game Too
I love Koloboks! Investment 0.02$ (WAX)
Money Saved is Money Earned!
MonkeyDex Training Program
Summer Is Going To Be a Dark Winter?
Free Crypto From Coinbase Earn - I Have Claimed ~$100
"( Prefix: AA0000001) sold for RM600,000 (144700.38 USD)"
Introducing Cub Finance - LeoFinance Expands Into DeFi on...
octaex —
Manchester city vs Newcastle united Betting Tips: Latest odds..
Sergey Nazarov is a real Satoshi Nakamoto?
MDX Airdrop is Live Now. InstaDapp's Governance Token
450% APR just by staking $CAKE on PancakeSwap
I bought 8k Mainframe Tokens (Shitpost)
Is Shiba Inu coin a scam or legit?
My list of Reddit subs for crypto airdrops and...
Noise.Cash - The Bitcoin Cash powered version of Twitter
"ANNOUNCEMENT POST - Hive Power Up Day, June 1st 2021"
Silver Slayer (@silverslayer)
ChainLink Telegram Scam: Robbed of 0.61631 eth
"how I got to £50, surveys, top cashback, BITCOIN 5%APY"
No Loss Lottery
How High Do You Think The Market Cap Of KOIN Will End up
(Crypto)Love is In The Blockchain: Mina Protocol
How to set up Metamask for Binance Smart Chain is a scam - Stay away
Glass Reflection (@grarkada)
Avoid Ulink Finance (ULK) It's a honey pot scam
Barcelona vs Bayern Munich Betting Tips: Latest ...
Can't access my Binance account
Is The Dollar Milkshake Theory Real???
End of SteemAuto
They Call Me Dan (@theycallmedan) —
Connect Excel to CoinGecko API for Historical ...
First Pilot App in Pi Network is launched!
PSA: Bittrex HIVE and HBD Wallets are down for Maintenance
"Unfortunately, SIMPLE POS POOL was hacked recently."
Hive Is Now Heavily Into the NFT Market
Black Pigeon Speaks (@navyhato)
Pipeflare - Crypto Faucet that Pays but is it worth your time

I can give you some Splinterlands and Axie Infinity content ideas as well, if you want. Just let me know in the comments below and I'll update this- or make a new post with Splinterlands and Axie Infinity keywords to work with.

Also, sorry for the mass-tagging. Blame TM4450 for that. ;)

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