RE: Leomarkettalk Achieves Enagement Goal

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Are you telling me people are only capable of making an average of 1 comment a day?

I work roughly 50 hours per week. Every other week I work about 20 hours more than that. That's a total of 50-70 hours and I can still make around 200 comments per week. That's 28 comments per day.

This is far from what I want to make, but I just don't have enough free time. Also, the majority of the comments I make are on my own content, replying to comments I get. The @leomarkettalk posts are extremely easy to be active in, and I can't see why people wouldn't be able to make at least 20 comments per day just in those posts alone..

Yet, here we are. With very little engagement when engagement is the first step towards greater heights. We have an awesome place that can change peoples lives.. Sometimes I wonder if people are just lazy and ignorant or if people just doesn't realize the opportunity they have.

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