The Keywords That Brings Most Organic Traffic To (Week #8)

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The statistics within this post is taken from Semrush, and as I happen to get a weekly report that is called: Organic Research: Positions, and as I am in favor of the whole optimized content thing, I figured I'd let you in on some juicy details.

This report contains:

  • Organic Search: Positions 1-10
  • Volume
  • KD (Keyword Difficulty)
  • Costs %
  • Traffic %

Amongst some other things, but these are the ones I think is the most important. At least for now. I can also tell you that the Traffic cost has been an estimated price of $1.3K (up from $833 from last week) for organic keywords in Google AdWords, and seven of the top 10 keywords have used CPC.

I have added costs % in the reports so we get more accurate details. As I include the estimated price for paid traffic, I might as well include where the paid traffic goes. I am not sure, but my best guess is that @khaleelkazi is using Google Adwords in an attempt to point traffic towards certain posts on LeoFinance.

I have seen multiple requests for additional information within these reports and I have every intention of adding (some of) those and more over time. I am still trying to figure out a good, automatic way to get more statistics & details so I will include more things over time.

  • I have added expected monthly visitors, page views from SimpleAnalytics and keywords that dropped from the top 10 in this report.

These are the 10 keywords that brings most traffic to, and each keyword point directly towards the article on LeoFinance as well. Feel free to take a look.

KeywordPosVolumeKDCOSTS %Traffic %
bittrex source of funds17015.0017.019.09
andrei jikh portfolio648029.000.006.81
is safemoon legit15440061.0011.916.25
is shiba coin legit1139047.0026.315.11
finviz api859039.003.294.82
is shiba inu coin legit939041.001.723.12
btc yearly candles27032.000.002.55

Keywords That Dropped From The Top 10 Since Last Week:


According to SEMRush, the number of users expected to visit the website in the following month on condition that average monthly organic traffic stays relatively the same: 352.

  • That is unique website visitors coming from search engines.

According To SimpleAnalytics:
We've had 5961 page views in total from Google since the last report. I could include other search engines as well, but I will focus on Google for now. These are the top 10 posts that got the most page views from Google. (Note that page views and visitors are not the same thing.)

As you can see from the above list, the posts that are getting the most views are gaming related in the form of Splinterlands and Axie Infinity so there's huge potential with posts like this.

However, page views and unique visitors are not the same thing. Page views simply means that someone has viewed the page, meaning that people can consume the content multiple times and for each time they visit the page, the counter for page views will increase.

Reports from previous weeks can be found here:

I can also tell you that 1.4K keywords (1.2K previous week) is the number of keywords bringing users to the website via Google's top 100 organic search results.

  • Do people believe in organic traffic now?

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A much more detailed and informative report. It is terrific that @splinterlands is bringing in a lot more traffic. We are getting a lot of articles written about that so it can only reinforce the keywords related to that.

We can keep pushing the discussion about it since it is so popular and Leofinance has so much dated content on here already in that area.

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Yeah, I'll try to include even more information in the next reports as well. It's always nice to see real stats of things. Especially things like this as you can see how rapidly the amount of keywords increase for instance.

Both splinterlands and Axie are pulling in numbers, and we are obviously pushing traffic their way as well with our content.

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Especially things like this as you can see how rapidly the amount of keywords increase for instance.

It was a joy to watch them going up week after week. We started with very view and now over 1,400 this week. It shows that what we are doing is having some impact.

Next up 2,000.

We will have to watch the new metrics that you are posting also.

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Yeah, we started with 378 keywords in the first report, so we've managed to get 1000 new keywords in 8 weeks. :)

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Splinterlands and Axie Infinity. The play to earn is strong right now.

This kind of post is very inspiring to pick topics to write about.

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They sure are hot cupcakes. I'm glad you like these reports. :)

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