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'Average Joe' Made 3K+ LEO In 2 Months

I have been an active 'Lion' or in other words, an active and contributing LeoFinance user for 2 months and I have achieved and accomplished several things since I took the 'leap of faith' and dived straight into this really cool blockchain-based social media platform for crypto- and finance content..

With this article, I will reveal the outcome of my work, but this is not to brag or show off some crazy numbers that aren't accurate. What you are about to see is real numbers and real results that comes from a random and average user, and this is something that is very important to me.

I have always tried to identify myself with newcomers and small accounts because it gives me reason and answers for things I cherish and am passionate about. I want to have a strong foundation to build upon and a healthy middle class is very important for that to happen. The most important thing for this to ever happen is to have a good token distribution, and my results on LeoFinance would not have happened without the community, the token distribution and without the amazing and genuine support I have.

I know that some people might find success stories annoying and even though I can relate to some of that, especially as a former Freelancer who literally bought every single guide or report out there when I started out as an Internet Marketer several years ago, I think they are extremely important, as long as they are accurate and comes from average users without a ton of stake or a massive following.

Those stories, to me, are also what put various things in perspective and they often paint the picture as it is, rather than spoon-feeding people inaccurate details which gives people false hope.

Before going to the 'meat' of this article, I will tell you that nothing came to me easy, and this is not some weird, miraculous get-rich-quick scheme. This is not a recipe for absolute success.

This is what I have done, the results I have had and nothing besides that.

54 Articles In 2 Months

I am not sure of the exact date I joined, but according to my posts, I have been here for 2 months. That could be 7 weeks or 9, so I will continue to say 2 months from here on out.

I have published 54 different articles since I joined and these articles generated, including my current pending rewards, a total amount of: 3312.57 LEO

Authors and curators (users who vote on content) split rewards equally, which means that the curators have earned 50% of that total amount, which leaves me with 1656.28 LEO tokens in total.

That is the amount of LEO tokens I have been able to earn since the day I joined LeoFinance, and those earnings comes from the articles I have published. Curation rewards or rewards I have been able to earn through my comments are not included.

If we think of these 2 months as 60 days, this equates to 27.6 LEO per day.

Results doesn't usually come easy though and besides these 54 articles I have published, I have written several hundreds of comments throughout this entire time. Unfortunately, I don't know the exact amount of comments I have made, but it's rather safe to say that I have written at least 500 comments.

The majority of my comments are rather long and well-thought, so they are not to be considered 'spam' or 'low quality' just for the sake of adding to the quantity.

I have been lucky, but I have also put in hard work, time and effort during these 2 months and my most rewarded article reached a whopping 189.46 LEO. I kept 94.73 LEO and the other 94.73 LEO went to the curators. 3.84 LEO is what my least rewarded article paid out. 1.92 LEO to me and 1.92 LEO to the curators.

I can also tell you that I am not native in English and I spend an average of about 2 hours on each article I publish. That alone is 108 hours I have spent on my articles during my time on LeoFinance.

Even though I can't give you an exact number (because it's too much to count), I estimate my articles to be about 1000 words long on average. Besides that, I create my covers (the image you see at the top of this article) and I often include other images and/or screenshots in my articles. I create them as well, instead of just using whatever images I find on google.

I do this for various reasons, but my main goal, or reason for this is that my covers are recognizable and it is sort of brand building. I draw attention to my articles and my username with my covers, as my covers usually includes the famous (infamous) 3D man.

(Fun fact: I even have rights to use, sell and modify them etc.)

My covers might not be the best looking or the most awesome you have ever seen, but I follow a simple concept and I stick with that concept because people will remember and recognize them.

I Am The 'Average Joe'

I am not a newcomer to crypto-blogging and I have been 'in this game' since July 2016, but I would say that the majority of the support I have on LeoFinance comes from LeoFinance and are the result of me doing the things I have done on LeoFinance and not for things I have done elsewhere.

I am not famous and I did not come to LeoFinance with a massive following from YouTube or anything like that. I have been putting in work and the results I have is the outcome from the time I have invested in this place. I did not buy a lot of LEO tokens when I got here and I don't have a large stake to brag about, so I don't have great influence over rewards or in terms of token distribution.

The token distribution on is amazing, and I am just one out of a lot of other successful users here. While my results speaks for me and the things I have done, there are others out there with far greater results than me.

The actual amount is not what matters, even though the numbers are usually what gets most attention at first glance, (which is the reason for the title of this post), but what matters is actually the potential and the real, wonderful opportunity LeoFinance gives people to earn something extra while having fun.

And Everyone Can Do It!

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