The Cake Kingdom works

Since the Cake Kingdom is doing well, I am going to buy some more Cake. Just adding a little bit more Do not play with more funds…

Cub Kingdoms looking good

Yep its tickin right along, keep buying and burning CUBs pls. Did you know you can stake CUBs on ? You can setup Metamask using…

What the ETH is next?

I am taking suggestions for price targets. Are you looking at USD or ₿TC? The London Hard Fork is coming up in 2 weeks and 2 days.…

Buy POB Today

There are lots of cheap ProofOfBrain tokens in the market today. I've got over 1700 staked now! Don't miss this chance, I wanted to make…

Are the old Cub Farms ending?

Hey @leofinance are the old farms ending? Should I migrate out of CUB-BUSD also? I somewhat cautiously withdrew my LP from the…

POB POP QUIZ - HypnoBrain Challenge 01

Pop Quiz! Prove you are Human and answer correctly! Answer 3 correctly and get some PIZZA ! ![PObPIZZA.png](

Time to harvest again

It's 1:21am and my weekly CubDefi harvest is coming up. I can't even see the moon tonight, but the bright planet Jupiter and Neptune are…

Why is the price of POB so low?

How much POB do you have? Look at all this POB that users are selling for less than 1 Hive!

Kingdoms are growing and Cub is rising

CUB is on a real tear today, up to $0.81 USD now, which makes this a great time to be in the Cub Kingdom on CubDefi.com , TVL in Kingdoms…

HiveCoffee live July 6 2021 - HPUD results from TraciYork

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Here is the post I am referring to,

This week buy BTC and HIVE

$100 CAD = 250.213 HIVE today, what a deal! Have you bought any Bitcoin with Fiat lately? For $100 CAD you can get approximately…

Decisions decisions...

This year I have been playing around with the CubFinance project and shovelling most of my LEO into the farms or dens. Now there is this…


Check out CentBlog.org

POB token on sale? A look at HE-Tokens - VIBES

Today, POB is 88% staked. That is still pretty good imo, I think we should keep it above 80-90% so stake your liquid POB tokens and…

Turning LEOs into CUBs

24.188 LEO from last week's CUB post is going straight into the Den. I have also bought another 25 LEO to make it worth the fees.…

Hive is on sale!!

Whenever the price of Hive drops, it is absolutely an opportunity to accumulate more. Hive is currently $0.21 or 0.00000667 BTC (-16.5%)…

CUB still worth more than 1 loonie

0.8196 is $1.01 Canadian Still better than fiat, boo ya! https:

Cub is worth more than the Canadian dollar

Cub just hit 95 cents US Click here to see the goswapp chart I am not ha

CUB DEFI rises June 15 2021

The price of CUB is rising today, and why you might ask? The CUB AutoFarm just went live according to @LeoFinance I decided to jump…

CoffeeTalk Live - Monday June 14 2021

Good morning LeoFinance this is CoffeeTalk the show where I drink my coffee and we talk about Hive! You can join me in the HiveCoffee…