Don't Be Stingy With That Ideas for You Rise By Lifting Others

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Good day my people, my caption said many things in just a sentence. The world was built not just for one man though it all started with one man. Everyone was birthed by a man and nurtured by that same man or another. Times and times again I have heard many say, "I want to be left alone, I don't want troubles", so the little they have which can help others be something in life is just with them.

Let me make this point fast, the only initiative that can stand the true test of time is that one that is transferred. For instance, you have an organization and you are the only one that knows the operation of that organization, you see everything that happens. See when you are no more than an organization maybe is doing well, but will get crumble because the custodian is gone. Many establishments have gone after the demise of the CEO.

This is why it is important to build men in addition to building mansions. Critically speaking, observing the operations in this system I have come to discover that #hive is a world of its own which is not run by one man, it is a true show of a decentralized platform maybe I will take the subject some other day, but the absence of one man will not stop the operation of the hive.

Also, on my part, I have come to realize that it may not be possible to share money with everyone around me that needs and when I five then today and it gets finished they will come back for another one, so what I do is I try my best to introduce as many persons as possible to what I do. So, if I see you with an Android phone and you can read and write with your interest because I will not want to push anyone against his wish I get you signed up and show you the way around the system. So, since I joined the platform I have signed up for nothing less than 7 persons of which at least 4 of them are very active.

So this mindset not only that it's helping me grow in my knowledge because times they ask questions that I will have to go on personal research to get the answer but it has served as a means of empowerment.

Many a scared that they will not have their place if many should join the platform, but that's not true. @hive is too wide and anyone can find relevance in his area of interest. So shun that stingy voice and help someone out there.

Hope someone learned something today, I will love to get feedback in the comment section. Do stay blessed and positive.

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