With the knowledge you have on sourcing and citation will you apply same in your real life project?

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Hello Friends, it will not be bad to welcome you back to my blog, so welcome.

Got thinking yesterday and something came to my mind during the meditation. With the knowledge you have on sourcing and citation will you apply the same in your real-life project?

Associating with this platform I have learned that giving full acknowledgment to the place I got any piece is very important it is more important than the work you are doing.

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Most times all we see in our institutions are recycled projects. This has become so rampant because it is some lecturers that encourage that themselves.

This helps me remember my project supervisor Mr. Funsho Matthew, if he should handle your work, you will know of a truth that you did a project and he will make sure you write by yourself and sites properly. So when you meet real-life situations it becomes very easy to align.

Though many still find it difficult to reference. I have this to say, it is better not to write than quote someone without giving proper reference to him or her it is known as intellectual theft.

Someone may say how does this relate to financial institution, see this. Many make research on the trending issues in the blockchain industry. Most times they write it in such a manner that you feel the knowledge is originally their without give appraisal to the main source. This is very bad and should not continue.

My encouragement goes to all who still find it burdensome to quote the source of their work to take it as a necessity as that will help to build you up in other ways too.

I hope this helps someone this morning. Thanks for reading.

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