Work Towards Independence In Your Blogging Journey

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Am so happy today, yeah, it's the weekend finally and my first time staying overnight without my children around me for a long time now. Oh yes, it's good to work out to feel the cool breeze outside. Sure I feel more refreshed now. I miss them so much sincerely and I know they miss me too.

We to my point for today, I will be giving little advice to the newbies from my little discovery so far.

Just yesterday while I was helping a newbie to find his way around the #3speak site, I was just inspired to tell him not to let his success on this platform be dependent on anyone, what I say to one I also say to all. Giving deep thought to what I just said, you know a lot of persons just made it that without the person that I onboarded them no more progress or they tend to trust a person or community for advancement. This can be very wrong in that if the person is so busy you cannot do anything reasonable thing. This can be very heartbreaking and frustrating.

See, learn to be independent this should not mean that you will not have a mentor, no, what am saying here is for you to go into the system and interact with it. Make new friends

Learn not to beg, when people see your commitment they will like to associate with you too. No one wants to associate with failure. Success has many friends. No one came into the system with friends, so go into the system and interact to build your reputation.

As a newbie, it is important to be consistent. Being active in a day and leaving for 3 days before coming back will make one unpopular. Times it is not convenient but it's important to be deliberately doing the work you need to do, a day of visits will surely come.

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Keeping working on it, you will get there