@thebeardflex/hivepizza-or-witness-updates-reward-and-bot-changes-and-more | Witness Updates, Reward & Bot changes, and more!

Hey PIZZA squad! Boy it has been quite the busy week. We hope those who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday and those who…
@thebeardflex/hivepizza-or-witness-updates-and-community-happenings | Witness Updates and Community Happenings

Hey everyone! It has been a crazy but fun week and as always, the PIZZA project and community has been super busy! Let's go over some of…
@thebeardflex/hivepizza-or-witness-updates-hivefest-and-new-nft-launch | Witness Updates, HiveFest, and new NFT launch!

Hey Crew! We hope everyone had a fantastic week! Things have been popping over in the Pizza Discord server and we had an opportunity to…

News: Pizza token listed on tipcc / First NFT series sells out!

Hey everyone! As you know, our community serves as a bridge between off-chain and on-chain users. We are working super hard to grow /…
@thebeardflex/hivepizza-or-witness-updates-nfts-new-tools-and-more | Witness Updates: NFTs, New Tools, & more!

Hey Hivers! We hope you've had a wonderful week! We sure have! Witness Update Our Node was down for approximately ~2 hours while…

PIZZA Discord Referral Contest | Win liquid HIVE, PIZZA, & SPL Cards!

Hey everyone! We hope you had a wicked Halloween and for those who spent it with us here in the Discord (or caught the treats in…
@thebeardflex/hivepizza-or-witness-update-halloween-edition | Witness Update Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween everyone! It's been an extremely fun and exciting week over at PIZZA and the momentum continues to climb as people are…
@thebeardflex/hivepizza-or-witness-and-hivefest-updates-diesel-pool-rewards-and-more | Witness & HiveFest Updates, Diesel Pool rewards, & more!

Witness Update Rank: 71/66 We are super close to over taking the next two ranks in the Witness list! Please consider voting…

Buying video games with HBD & PIZZA tokens

Did you know that you can purchase video games with your Hive-Backed Dollars and/or PIZZA tokens? The PIZZA token team is bridging the gap…

When DLUX does NFTs

There's a New NFT Platform DLUX, Decentralized Limitless User eXperiences, is one of the longest running projects on Hive. We've been…

Hive Authentication Services - Announcement and Proposal

What if you could authenticate on any website, desktop, or mobile app , just providing your Hive username but no password or…
@thebeardflex/hivepizza-or-witness-and-code-updates-announces-and-more | Witness & Code Updates, Announcements, & more!

Hi everyone! We hope you've had a wonderful week! It has been insane over in the PizzaLab as @hivetrending and I cook up some new…

Cleaning content by earning incentive

Back when I started on this blockchain, there were pretty much two core ways to earn, content creation and content curation. In many ways…

ANNOUNCEMENT: #HiveChat 065, October 12th, 2021 at 22.00 GMT!!!

Hi Hive, I Am HiveChat, a weekly Tweetchat that highlights #Hive on Twitter through different questions by different weekly Hosts. In…
@thebeardflex/hivepizza-or-witness-updates-partnerships-and-rewards | Witness Updates, Partnerships, and Rewards!

Hello everyone! It has been another victorious week for us over at the PIZZA shop and we have quite a bit to go over! Keep in mind this…

Call to Action - Participate in Vote!

Hey Hivers! Hive is participating in the Best Blockchain Technology in [CryptoAwar
@thebeardflex/hivepizza-or-pizzabot-spam-reduction-and-website-updates | Pizzabot Spam Reduction and Website Updates

Website Updates We've been making a few changes over at the website in an effort to consolidate some of our inform

We are Playermon! Our Introduction to the Hive Community!

Hello, Hive community! This is our first post. We want to share details about our game and our plan to work together with Hive. Playermon…
@thebeardflex/hivepizza-or-witness-updates-game-servers-hive-fest-and-more | Witness Updates, Game Servers, Hive Fest & More!

Hey everyone! We're gearing up for more exciting PIZZA adventures and getting hype as we enter Q4 here at the Pizza Shop! We have quite…

Hive AutoClaim Services update - Claim your HBD interest automatically

The Hive Autoclaim Services have been updated with a new feature to help you automatically claim your interest on HBD savings. What are…