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In this article, I will discuss some of the key comparisons between Hive Blockchain and Ethreum Blockchain. To make the comparison fair, I will not talk about the price of Hive is mooning when the crypto market is facing a major crash and Ethereum is down by nearly 8% this week. I will also not compare the Market Cap of these two blockchains. Basically, the comparison will be all about the Blockchain and the features these two crypto projects provided. Honestly, The more I am studying Hive and its ecosystem the more I am becoming a fan of it.

Hive has that effect on many of us. Pulling out the decentralization card never gets old, I wonder if Ethereum will ever achieve that level of growth where this card won’t be as effective anymore. But at that stage, If at all..,hive will have also achieved some level of success in number of dapps and community like Ethereum, so it is one thing to say that Ethereum sacrificed decentralization for usability in the beginning, whereas Hive sacrificed usability for decentralization, albeit in their both beginnings. One thing that makes Ethereums centralization a double edge sword is due to the presale that largely belongs to Vitalik and Ethereum Foundation.


Crypto gaming is the market with the highest growth potential. by @fabian98


With the approach of the autumn bull season, the markets started to warm up. Solana (SOL) and Polkadot (DOT) are starting to show that they will be the sparks of this rally. The Solana and Polkadot ecosystems began to grow. Many projects prefer these ecosystems. Trading volumes have increased with the listing on major exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Huobi, …) in the cryptocurrency markets. While preparing for the autumn rally, I also examined projects in the Solana and Polkadot blockchains

The ability to converge in an open permissionless global forum like platform dedicated just for it to communicate and share opinion is something that makes Hive unique, where others rely on scattered mediums. This is something worth bragging about. The results go deep.


ETH will Eventually be King by @hattysnewz


The Crypto market right now is still young and very volatile. People are still confused and wondering why Crypto is even worth anything. It just shows you that our paper money only has value because we allow it to have value. Just like the reason why Crypto is pumping is that for most of us our financial future depends on this market. At least we all hope so. We the people will change the way the world works one Crypto at a time.

Ethereum is truly a beast and anyone that doesn’t acknowledge that should have fun being poor lol. Ethereums first mover advantage is as brutal as Bitcoin, everything is either trying to be better than Ethereum or be like Ethereum or have Ethereums capabilities. While some do the job better and others never see the light of day, Ethereum never stops being Ethereum and getting major eyes.


Is NFT overrated? by @qsyal


As a follower of crypto news, there is something that constantly makes me scratch my head about every now and then. One that could change the I look at notions like "art", "beauty", and "value".
I'm of course talking about NFTs...And I'm probably not alone...I'm sure that many of you guys are looking with popping eyes at the crazy prices we see for some random NFTs.
For instance, last April, we saw the "Disaster Girl" meme selling for $473k

Eventually, NFTs with real utility will surface while those meaningless ones will be left behind. Meaningless NFT’s are only better than meme tokens with no utility. Meaningless NfTs only stand a better chance of going extinct because a utility can easily be tied into it and fly rather than on useless meme tokens.


Hive Ecosystem and the Great Decoupling by @automaton


Everyday in the world I witness a great deal of human suffering. Although I try to focus on the positives ignoring what exists is futile. There seems to be a push right now between those who want individual sovereignty and those who want control. The controllers use choice words like banning, mandates, or required.

Not just an interesting title but also many truths. Crypto is offering even the unbanked the chance at participating in novel financial solutions that would have rather not been available to them left to legacy system. For the first time in humanity finances have the chance to be permissionless. It’s tremendous.


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