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First of all the debt timer is going out of control. The US alone is owning everyone more than $28 trillion and counting. This is what happen with reckless spending match with having the world currency. The part I do not get, there is no slowing down in controlling the debt ceiling with spending. Everyone responsible is turning a blind eye on that regard. They are getting pay yearly $174k and still no true resolution on that matter.

As written in the article, there is little we can do to prevent politicians from every economy from printing more money and expecting the big dump when everything will go to hell.

We cannot do anything EXCEPT getting ahead by owning hard assets and cryptocurrencies whici will only be worth more in the long run. Well, worth more in FIAT...


Over 100 Million Indians in Crypto Space.. Exciting times ahead.. by @reeta0119


As of now, there are over 100 million crypto holders in India and this is a very big number. India is a bigger market for many segments including technology and mobile etc but seems like things are turning great in crypto too like we can see the massive growth altogether.

This is some good news for Axie Infinity and the entire blockchain gaming industry. It’s going to bring in so much publicity to what is already, especially gadgety, technically inclined ones, this is good for crypto.


Controlled Bitcoin Narrative Fails by @sapphirecrypto


The fact that many of these individuals are moving into Crypto is evidence of something far more important than you may think. It is not simply because they see the potential of future gains. It is something way more important than that. Something of great importance to the Crypto community actually.

Interesting thoughts and I think you nailed it. They first wanted to prevent us from gaining financial freedom and power at their expense (the old FIAT system).
As the smartest understood that they will not manage to do so, they decided to join as a hedge against a monetary shift.
Some are still sleeping and might wake-up with a big hangover :D


The Enormous Difference Between Little and Nothing by @empress-eremmy


The entire crypto space is viewed as a long term investment, even though a few people get lucky with massive gains in the short term. Hive is no different, and growth is often with an eye towards long term yields.

Very nice thoughts and explanation of the growth investment's essence.

The tone of the article is as calm as the strategy it explains. Earn slowly / invest slowly and compound these returns over a long period of time to reap the benefits in the long run.
The Hive blockchain is a perfect example of using this strategy and earning big with it.


U.S. Inflation at 13-Year High - How is this OK? by @l337m45732


Inflation is sitting around 5.4% which may seem like a small number. It isn't. With food and shelter costs making up half of the inflation increase, it sounds even scarier. The cost of food and shelter - 2 very basic human needs - have continued to increase while a lot of people are still struggling to get by. Energy costs have risen by 25% in the past year as well. How much higher can the cost of basic needs increase?

Good article and as you stated this is NOT a small number. It has been sub 2% and even 1% over the past 15 years.

It is crazy to think it is >+5% when they have been changing the datas used to calculate it to make it even lower than reality.

Some guy calculated using the old method that Inflation has been understated by c.30-40% over the past 20 years !
When we see that some countries have energy going up 15-20%, I am even surprised that the inflation is just 5%


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