Physical Litecoin Token (3D Printed)

Image Source: Personal Photo I believe just like most other people Litecoin (LTC) was one of the first cryptocurrencies I learned ab

Physical Ripple (XRP) Token (3D Printed)

Image Source: Personal Photo Ripple (XRP) is not one of my top ten favorite cryptocurrencies. Maybe if I made a list it would be somew

The biggest risk with Hive Engine tribes is the owner

Yesterday I wrote a post where I wanted to talk about what I feel is the greatest risk to stake holders in a Hiv

Physical Zcash Token (3D Printed)

Image Source: Personal Photo Years ago I used to collect coins. I stopped collecting mostly because I was too poor to get anything…

Physical Proof of Brain Token (3D Printed)

Image Source: Personal Photo Recently [inspired by a 3D bitcoin model I found on Thingiverse](

3D Printed Bitcoin Model

Image Source: Personal Photo My most recent 3D print is a bitcoin model I found on Thingiverse . T

June 2021 HPUD: Exceeding my 5000 HP Goal

There are still a few hours left for June 2021's Hive Power Up Day. After divesting all my ethereum during May I powered up 370 HP during…

I am Staking over 4500 POB

I just reached the 4500 POB stake level today. After getting above 4500 POB I checked the price on hive-engine.com and wow. Just, wow!

Isaac Arthur on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

The YouTube video linked below about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is one of Isaac Arthur's older videos posted near the end of…

Gridcoin is the Crypto that Could Help Make all Your Sci-Fi Dreams Come True*

Why Care About Gridcoin Investing and Supporting Science Research? Whether it's short or long term as an investor you're interested in…

Shill me your favorite coin - Earn a full upvote!

So, there is this little experiment I want to make but I am going to need your help. Of course, I don't expect you to help me for free…

Did Satoshi Nakamoto Create Proof of Brain Token?

I've been on this platform for 3 years and have almost 5000 HP. Today I reached over 4000 POB staked. In less than 3 months my POB is…

Customer Service and 3D Printers

I tried to buy a Monoprice 3D printer. On paper the plan seemed simple: Get money. Order Monoprice 3D printer. Working and…

Abundance Economy: Is humanity ready?

The major thing that the legacy economy has taught us is that it does not work for everyone. Many throughout the world live in a dystopian…

Technical Analysis is Pseudoscience?

Seems technical analysis is a pseudoscience. I assumed it was an economic "soft science" like how researchers calculate the confidence…

Invest in Cryptocurrency the Hitchcockian Way

This Alfred Hitchcock Presents story could easily be modernized with cryptocurrency. "Borrow" $200,000 USD from the employer, convert…

Powering Up for May 2021

Happy May Day from the People's Republic of California. I am starting May 2021 with 4840 Hive Power in my @holovision account after…

Dog Money!

I wish I had all my DOGE (and other crypto) from my cryptsy.com account. Unfortunately Paul Vernon skipped the country with it and is…

I Now Have Over 1000 LEO Staked

Today I made one more large investment. Almost three weeks ago I bought roughly 350 LEO when the price was around 1.4 HIVE each. Since…

I am Staking Over 3000 POB

I now have over 3000 POB staked and according to the Proof of Brain token Richlist I am in the top 20 highest staking accounts. I am…