I Added a LEOMM to My LEO Investment

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Just a quick addition to my LEO investment a few days ago. I just bought a LEO Mega Miner (LEOMM) for less than 38 HIVE and staked it.

I figured as long as I am speculating that LEO might be worth more in a few years a miner or mega miner for a more valuable LEO might also be worth a little more. In the meantime it can generate a small passive LEO income while I hold it staked.

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Sounds like a good idea to me!

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Nice! I've got a couple LEOM tokens but no LEOMM (yet).

It doesn't seem to generate much LEO, but I'm pretty much okay with that.

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How Much LeoMM Could get you a day or a week?

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Would be good to know how much can you mine per day? There is a tool or a post where is possible to get this info?

Edit: Just found out this post about it https://leofinance.io/@learn.leo/learn-leo-or-how-to-calculate-mining-rewards-for-any-steem-engine-digital-token-miner

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