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Last week I traded a large amount of my ETH for HIVE and invested that HIVE mostly into LEO. A few days later I spent over the equivalent of $60 USD converting WETH to ETH and trading it for more HIVE.

Bye-bye Ethereum.

My goal was to get 1500 POB for as cheap as I could but not spend more than 0.5 HIVE per POB. Today I staked over 1200 POB so I now currently have over 2776 POB staked. I have some open orders for POB under the 0.5 HIVE price on and I am hoping the price of POB will drop back down to that range within a month. Even if it doesn't earning around 10 POB each day through curation will get me to over 3000 POB staked within a month.

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nicely done!


Get in while you can. POB is going to be around for a while.

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I know I could wake up tomorrow and see POB at 1.0+ HIVE each. As an INTJ personality though I can't help but think it's also possible that a month from tomorrow POB could be worth 0.25 HIVE. I want to have some HIVE left over for a Plan B investment.😎


@holovision are you a prophet??you are right...the POB is now worth 1.0+ HIVE...nice one

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Thanks. Just lucky timing and speculation. I didn't quite time it as well with my LEO investment. In hindsight I should have done the reverse and bought POB almost two weeks ago and LEO around two days ago.


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