RE: 🤣 The FUN Tribe is LIVE: Tribe Details, $FUN Airdrop Completed, $FUN Sale, Curation Accounts, and $FUN Free For All! 🤣

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Wow - I'm delighted to see the #fun tribe up and running, and also thanks ever so much for the airdrop, it was really appreciated !
I'd already been using the #FUN tag on a few posts - was getting used to it being around, and also on the off chance that it might have been up and running !
And I'm also confirming that I have reblogged this post - and I'm also tagging in some good guys to the #FUN:

Brilliant news - and many thanks again !!!

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Fun is in the house!!! 😁


Yes, we actually got it up and running yesterday morning but then didn't get a chance to get the announcement post out till today.

Based on how it went with !LOLZ, you shouldn't expect to start seeing earnings until next sunday at the earliest.

Thanks for helping spread the news! !FUNDROP 10


Why should you never brush your teeth with your left hand?
A toothbrush works much better.

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@hoosie, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @lolztoken
The LOLZ Tribe is here! Stake your LOLZ now to earn curation rewards and continue using the !LOLZ command. Please read our latest update for more information.


What is more fun than a barrel full of Monkeys?
A FUN Airdrop!

@hoosie - You received a 10.0 $FUN drop.