Saturday Savers Club Progress #week 7 - 14/05/22 - Added more LOLZ, HP, ALIVE, DEC, SPT, LIST & HELIOS

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Its week 7 of my savings focus, working with the Saturday Savers Club which I think is a great community initiative.

Weekly Progress Summary:

Ok - what a week on the markets. That was crazy, but on monday morning I made the decision to withdraw all of my HBD savings, and then converted it all to HIVE on thursday morning at around 0.38 HBD/HIVE - so far that seems to have been a really good decision, with the value now sitting 0.49 HBD/HIVE. I also managed to get my LOLZ count over the 512 mark, which has been a primary target for the last few weeks, so now I will qualify for their daily dividends (I am really happy about this). I also had some decentish post payouts - so its been a good week overall.

Key highlights were:

  • Added 54 HP, for a total of 582 - so rapidly getting towards my annual target of 1,000,
  • Added 169 LOLZ, for a total of 520 - hitting my primary target from last week,
  • Added another 48 ALIVE,
  • Added more LIST (+129), HELIOS (+10.7), DEC (+174) and SPT (+44) to help towards various passive and synergy incomes.

220514 Sat Savers.png220507 Sat Savers.png

Weekly Plan Changes:

  • Added a line for ALIVEM as I really like the ALIVE project and will aim to get some ALIVE miners at some point,
  • Removed the Rising Star Starbits line - I'm still saving for the millionaires card, but also going to attack it via the card market, so it does not make sense to record my weekly value any more.

Plan for the coming week:

  • I've got quite a lot of liquid HIVE following my HBD conversion, and will be DCAing back into HBD as the HBD/HIVE price rises. I will keep both HBD and HIVE fairly liquid in the meantime incase there are any other fluctuations, with the aim of converting between both to make gains where I can,
  • I've switched my next big focus to Splinterlands as there are now only 74 days of the airdrop left. So I'll be aiming to increase SPS (primary target), SPT (secondary target) and DEC to help with both the airdrop, and the SPS daily staking rewards,
  • After that, I'll be switching my focus to LEO (tertiary target) as I'd like to improve passive gains there as well.

Anyway, thats my quick summary for the week. Many thanks, and good luck with your savings plans !!!

P.S. If anyone knows of an account you can delegate HP to that pays out in DEC, SPS or SPT - please let me know.

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