Leading the crypto market - Liderando el mercado cripto

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Black september - Septiembre negro

Reading a post this morning I found out something curious, although it was not the main topic of the publication, it said in a paragraph…

Uncontrolled monetary issuance - Emisión monetaria sin control

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Coin to save the biosphere - una moneda para salvar la biosfera

Fuente I have already spoken on other occasions about projects that aim to try to save the planet from destruction due to mas

The removal of the miners - La mudanza de los mineros

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I am Satoshi - Yo soy Satoshi

Fuente Erecting a statue to an important personality in some of the outstanding human activities can have many mea

The Green Cryptocurrency Paradox - La paradoja de la criptomoneda verde

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Cryptocurrencies on TV - Criptomonedas en TV

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Crypto job market -Mercado laboral cripto

Fuente In my country, crypto

Candles, votes and news - Velas, votos y noticias

Fuente Earlier today I was deciding what to publish

More crypto in soccer - Más cripto en el fútbol

Fuente In recent times, the use of cryptocurrencies has become fashionable in the most popular sport on the planet, there

Time for charity - Tiempo de caridad

Fuente If something was missing within the crypto world, it was a token specially designed to carry out charitable an

Stability what is that? - Estabilidad ¿qué es eso?

Fuente Those of us who have entered the world of cryptocurrencies for a long tim

NFT to finance campaign - NFT para financiar campaña

Fuente Probably many of you do not know that in Arg

The future of the unbanked - El futuro de los no bancarizados


Murphy's Laws - Las leyes de Murphy

Fuente In the 1950s, a space engineer named Edward Aloysius Murphy formula

Intensity II - Intensidad II

Fuente Just as

Adoption intensity - Intensidad de adopción

Fuente In several of my latest publications, I have ins

Hacking and theft - Hackeo y robo


Blame it on the other - La culpa es del otro