Twitter on Leofinance? The LeoThreads Launch is Upon Us

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Hello Lions!! Lemme announce this amazing news about the most awaited feature LeoThreads on Leofinance which is going to launch tomorrow.

What LeoThreads is?

Don't worry it's not something technical which would require you to give some time understanding it.

Have you used Twitter? Not? No problem, Twitter is just a social media platform where people share short form content.

Now why I say LeoThreads is the Twitter on Leofinance, is because with the launch of LeoThreads, users on LeoFinance will be able to share and experience short form content in the of threads.
Isn't it awesome?

But wait, it's not over yet. There's more excitement to it. And that is, **you may also get upvoted on your posts without worrying about the reward police.

Other features include:

  • No limit to your posts
  • Reply on other user's threads
  • A potential to increase Leo Ad Revenue
  • Images, embed links etc can also be posted in LeoThreads comments.
  • Your thread can get upvoted same as a normal post being upvoted on Hive/ Leofinance and some other stuff which we may hear in the official launch post.

Why LeoThreads Could be a Game Changer?

Frankly, I myself believe LeoThreads to be a game changer seeing the latest trend of short form content in the internet world. And this we saw from Tiktok going mainstream followed by YouTube shorts and Facebook reels.

We had platforms like Quora, Facebook, Twitter and probably a few others as well which gets monthly traffic in billions. That shows the interest of people in the short form content.

LeoThreads will not only provide short form content to share or consume but it would also be a good way of earning a little bit of extra income and that's awesome.

So, are you in for the LeoThreads?

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I am so excited 😊

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Yep :)


So, are you in for the LeoThreads?

We have been waiting for it 🔥

Wens become now! Nobody should miss this product of Leo!

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