UTOPIS - Best-in-class dividends project

Let's talk a bit about Utopis today, it's actually a bit surprising we don't get to see more posts on this project. This is one of the…

Utopis Staking Active

Yes, another addition to adding value to Project Utopis.. or maybe not. In any case you are now able to Stake your Utopis to earn a bonus…

The New Normal is Nothing You Have Imagined, Klaus Schwab!

"You will owe nothing and you will be happy". That's the narrative the elites are trying to promote as a way out of a programmed pandemic…

My First Leo Contest

So I've always wanted to do a curation contest and while I'm good for only a .4 leo vote, I'll try to make it count. Here's what I'll…

Utopis Expansion

I’ve been thinking why not dive right into it give it my 100% attention allowing me to create even more value even more profits to be able…

Creating the biggest POST EVER! - 186 users needed

Hello LBIer's, it's been a few weeks but I have not forgotten are given up on creating a post so big that it will take a full HIVE block…

How much do you selfvote?

Cub, CUB , cubs, cubs... CUBS everywhere. Every second post. I'm starting to get tired of this. Lets talk about curation for a little…

Binance Smart Chain: "Red Light District" DeFi platforms - Don't try this at home

Introduction The latest roundtable episode about DeFi on BSC was absolutely great for 2 reasons.

Staking AKT (Akash Network) with Ledger wallet

Let's talk a bit about Akash Network today. That's a coin I heard from @jk6276 in the first part of his serie "Decentralize…

Federal Reserve Protects Wealthy At Poor’s Expense

Federal Reserve Protects Wealthy At Poor’s Expense By renegadetrader Ever have the feeling you just can’t get ahead no matter what…

Hive Is Under The Radar And That Is A Good Thing

Everyone wants HIVE to moon. That is only natural. We also want to go everywhere and scream about Hive so all are aware. At this…

My LBI governance team nomination - @hykss

Hey LBI shillers ! This is my nomination post so here is my "trust me" picture to make you comfortable (or not). It's going to be a…

LBI earnings and holding REPORT - #5

Authored by @silverstakceruk Week 5 Earning Another week is behind us, it has been an incredibly

One day - One coin: Venus (XVS)

Today we are focusing on Venus, the coin and the platform, its features, what it's trying to solve and how to make it work for us. I'll…

Cancel Culture vs Parlor and Trump: Bad For Crypto 100%

First thing's First: What do you think guys? Is this

The Story Of 2021: Big Tech Flexing Its Muscle

While everyone focuses on the price of cryptocurrency going to the moon, an even bigger one is starting to play out on a large scale.…

The State Of Covid-19 In Nigeria; The Propaganda, Lies & Deceit?

Source The state of covid-19 in Nigeria is something I'll like to analyse and categorically I'll start by s

Latest scam on Hive market ?

I'm sorry for the very short post but just trying to act fast before someone might fall for it. Was roaming on Hive-Engine and found…

Financial goals 2021

Hello readers (not so many at the moment but I'll make sure to improve that), I'll try to share my financial goals for 2021, it might give…

All LBI token holders - Please VOTE!

Authored by @silverstackeruk Welcome to the first post from @spi-gov As we vote on which governance model and how long governance team…