Crypto scam - Too common than you think! A few personal tips to avoid.

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The more power crypto gets the possibility of getting scammed is also going high. Scammers are coming up with all new ideas and they look so authentic that it's hard to tell if it's not true. Replicating similar emails, websites, and phone call is nothing new. Moreover, in the crypto world, they come up with scam/fake tokens and coins also.

The truth is a crypto scam is more common than we think. Many are losing a small amount of money and don't bother it. But in this way scammers are gaining huge.

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Be smart than the scammer, that's the one thing that can save us from getting scammed. But it's not always possible and we know why. Because we are invested in other things. But there are some patterns of scamming, it's hard to tell but you can always find out if you put that much amount of time. It takes a couple of minutes to a few hours to differentiate. But we don't do that because the scam always looks very lucrative.

From what I understand, always stay away from Get rich quick scamming. I mean, think, who in the world will offer their hard-earned money by giving it away to you for free?

I'm going to point out a few things to keep in mind here -

  • Invest and little and earn big in a few days/months: There are investment options available but look where you are investing. If the site looks fake/too good to be true; take your time.
  • Give away: be careful and always cross-check with others.
  • Fake tokens/NFT/Coin, etc: It will take newcomers a while to understand why some token price is showing high but there's always something you can look for. For example, if only a few buying is manipulating the market.
  • And the old phishing link: Don't fall for the 'real' looking website. Take your time to dig in more, cross-check by searching, etc.

There are many more types of scamming, Google about it and you will know ;)

  1. From my personal experience, I have noticed that if you got a peer group or be a part of groups that are helpful to each other; you can always seek help. It can be your gaming peer, any discord group, or anything. Always ask questions, cross-check with them, and share what you have been offered. In this way, you can avoid a huge scam. Believe me, there are some good people on the other side of the planet that can save your a*s.

  2. Invest some time in research before doing anything, any investment, exchange, or being part of the giveaway. It's always helpful. All this may seem a little difficult at the beginning. But gradually you will know so much that you can tell by looking at most of the scams that they are scams. Do your own research.

I may have skipped some tips and points. But these are the wholesome things that I have learned from my crypto experience. I hope this will help you.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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