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ICEBRK.IO is finally here to "Break The Ice On DeFi" with Hive blockchain!

A brand new platform with a new kind of tokenomics. IceBreak, or BRK token, will be the native incentive & reward token of the ICEBRK.IO network, a DeFi & Web3 community.

Users can earn BRK token through Proof of Brain (PoB), Proof of Stake (PoS) or through liquidity bonding IceBlock tokens (ICEBLK). IceBreak will implement a (3,3) game theory to its sustainable tokenomic design in order to generate Protocol Owned DEX Liquidity (PODL), which creates continuous liquidity growth through perpetual buy pressure and volumes. ICEBRKDAO Treasury funds will go towards DeFi yield farming to generate a continual revenue stream which the project will utilize to buyback & burn the token plus seed invest.

Our community focus will be specifically Web3, Decentralized Finance, blockchain gaming, NFTs and any sort of crypto related dapps. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the Web2.0 and Web3.0 worlds online and embrace the future of crypto and blockchain technologies.

IceBreak token and the ICEBRK.IO platform will be governed by the existing ICEBRK governance token ( The governance committee will have the exclusive right and responsibility to create governance proposals which will influence all major project decisions. These can be anything from the buyback and burn rates, ICEBLK ROI rates, "melt" times, treasury allocations on which DeFi pools to invest into and so on.

How exactly does this work?

  • BRK is the incentive & reward token for the ICEBRK.IO platform

  • BRK token will be sold through the AMM DEX on Tribaldex diesel pools (Hive-Engine) for SWAP.HIVE

  • ICEBLK is the liquidity bond token

  • ICEBLK token will only be sold through LIMIT ORDERS on the regular Tribaldex exchange trading pairs for SWAP.HIVE

  • 1 ICEBLK token will always have a set value, ie 100 SWAP.HIVE worth of BRK tokens

  • The market price of BRK will fluctuate but ICEBLK token will always offer an immediate ROI rate against market price, calculated at the time of purchase

  • Each ICEBLK takes 72 hours to "melt" once it goes into your wallet from the market, after that period they may be redeemed for their representative BRK token value

  • 50% of the ICEBLK funds go towards buying back and pairing SWAP.HIVE:BRK, the other 50% go to the DeFi yield farming pools

  • BRK token will be bought back and burned using DeFi revenues

  • DeFi pools will also compound interest and grow over time, building the treasury for further seed investments

For example- Bob buys 1 ICEBLK from Tribaldex and spends 90 SWAP.HIVE. 72 hours later his ICEBLK has melted and he can redeem it by sending it to @ICEBRK. In return he is sent 100 SWAP.HIVE worth of liquid BRK token (calculated at the time that he bought his ICEBLK). Bob can now stake his BRK tokens for PoB & PoS rewards, paid out in more BRK, or he can simply sell them at the market rate into the AMM SwapDEX.


Tokenomics and supply distribution:

Supply- 1 billion max token supply (lifetime), 100 million total (minted) at launch

The initial 100 million supply is intended to last for approximately 10 years, until a new rewards pool needs to be setup or liquidity bond supply runs out. No more tokens will be minted without the explicit consent of the ICEBRKDAO and the community governance.

Staking- 30 day powerdown with 30 daily payments. Delegation will be enabled for stakers to delegate their BRK Power.

Rewards pool- 2% of token supply (2 million BRK) per year will be distributed through Proof of Brain and Proof of Stake, for the first 10 years or until the rewards pool is adjusted if deemed necessary in the future. A total of 20% of the initial supply has been dedicated specifically for these community rewards.

Initial distribution- 1% of supply is for private sale and 10% for general sale on Hive-Engine (any unsold tokens return to liquidity bond reserve fund). 1-3% of the BRK supply will used to create the dieselpool AMM DEX pairs, depending on liquidity conditions being met.

Listing rate- General sale = 0.02 SWAP.HIVE per BRK token. Once the general sale has concluded, or sufficient liquidity has been gathered, we will create the AMM DEX pair at the same rate and begin offering ICEBLK tokens.

IceBreak (BRK) Available HERE!


  • 50% IceBlock (ICEBLK) liquidity bond reserve, held and distributed by @IceBreak
  • 20% Proof of Brain & Proof of Stake rewards pools (10 year distribution)
  • 10% Hive-Engine general sale by @ICEBRKDAO
  • 8% Project development and team payment (montly payments vested over 5 years), held by @IceBreak-R
  • 5% ICEBRKDAO Treasury reserve (1 year lockup minimum), held by @ICEBRKDAO
  • 3% Hive-Engine AMM pair creation & liquidity fund, held by @ICEBRK
  • 2% Marketing, promotions and airdrops/claimdrops, held by @IceBreak-R
  • 1% Private sale allocation (vested 10 months), held by @IceBreak-R
  • 1% Curation & delegation account allocation, held by @IceBreak-R

Project wallets & purpose:

@IceBreak-R - Vested team tokens & development funding, marketing/promo/airdrop, curation & delegation funds, vested private sale tokens. This is the main project account which will do the majority of the announcements and delegations.

@IceBreak - Liquidity bond reserve funds, IceBlock (ICEBLK) liquidity bond tokens. This account's sole purpose will be to control the liquidity bonding and calculating token payments to ICEBLK holders. Incoming payments will be split from this wallet into @ICEBRK and @ICEBRKDAO wallets accordingly.

@ICEBRK - Diesel pool liquidity (SWAP.HIVE:BRK), AMM pair creation and liquidity fund. This account will hold and grow the entire Tribaldex liquidity pool. 50% of all ICEBLK sales will go directly into this wallet for buyback and pairing of the LP. This wallet will also hold the reserve LP fund (3%) which will be layered into the SWAP.HIVE:BRK pool using DeFi pool profits, and the remaining amount is to be used for the creation of future pairs.

@ICEBRKDAO - DeFi yield farming funds, ICEBRKDAO Treasury reserve funding, general sale funds (any remaining unsold tokens will be combined with @IceBreak liquidity bond reserves). This wallet is specifically to hold the DeFi yield farming assets which will generate a constant revenue stream for buyback & burning, funding LP acquisition and building the overall ICEBRKDAO Treasury balance.

2022 Roadmap:

  • Q1 Hive-Engine general sale (March)
  • Q1 ICEBRK.IO full outpost launch, staking rewards pool and delegation activated
  • Q1 Onboarding incentives and referral programs
  • Q1 Project integration from IceBreak-R, governance controls and reiteration of rules
  • Q1 Partnership expansion and outreach
  • Q1 Seed investment round 1
  • Q2 Quarterly buyback and burn event
  • Q2 SWAP.ICEBRK token creation to allow governance tokens to bridge to Hive-Engine
  • Q2 Grow the curation account and diversify holdings to build cross communities
  • Q2 Seed investment round 2
  • Q3 SWAP.ICEBRK:BRK token dieselpool creation
  • Q3 Quarterly buyback and burn event
  • Q3 Seed investment round 3
  • Q4 Full dapp integration with our ICEBRK.IO dapp
  • Q4 Quarterly buyback and burn event
  • Q4 Seed investment round 4


@hotsauceislethal COO and Head of Product Development
@crypt0305 CEO and Lead Developer of IceBreak-R

This post is brought to you by IceBreak-R - Break The Ice On DeFi and join the BSC community!


DISCLAIMER: This IceBreak Token White Paper v1 is for information purposes only. IceBreak (BRK) token is not a security, it is intended to be purely a utility token for the ICEBRK.IO network. There is no guarantee of returns, never expect profit from the work of others. IceBreak-R does not guarantee the accuracy of or the conclusions reached in this white paper, and this white paper is provided “as is”. IceBreak-R does not make and expressly disclaims all representations and warranties, express, implied, statutory or otherwise, whatsoever, including, but not limited to: (i) warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, suitability, usage, title or non-infringement; (ii) that the contents of this white paper are free from error; and (iii) that such contents will not infringe third-party rights. IceBreak, and its affiliates shall have no liability for damages of any kind arising out of the use, reference to, or reliance on this white paper or any of the content contained herein, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event will IceBreak, or its affiliates be liable to any person or entity for any damages, losses, liabilities, costs or expenses of any kind, whether direct or indirect, consequential, compensatory, incidental, actual, exemplary, punitive or special for the use of, reference to, or reliance on this white paper or any of the content contained herein, including, without limitation, any loss of business, revenues, profits, data, use, goodwill or other intangible losses.

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It looks interesting, I'm going to follow it closely to see where it leads us. We will see how everything is implemented. I think the web should be accessible with Keychain


Our existing project has been running on Binance Smart Chain since May 2021,

The added layers of value will expand our userbase while also allowing the Hive community to learn about what is happening across the crypto DeFi space. We want to draw more focus to this industry specifically through incentivization and aligning those rewards for the entire community and the developers.

This entire platform has not yet been tapped to its full potential and we intend to help change that.


Interesting project. Hopefully you can create the bridge you're talking about. !hivebits


We don't need to create the bridge, Hive-Engine has all of the bridges and the tools built in. We just have to connect all of the pieces of the puzzle together no that we have built them out.


You said you wanted to be the bridge between web 2.0 and web 3.0?


Metaphorically speaking not a physical bridge, although Hive is that link which hybridizes web2/3


Obviously not a physical bridge, but I digress. Hopefully you achieve what it is you hope to achieve, I'll try and remember to keep an eye out on the project.


Seems to be a very amazing project trying to bring in crypto space a userfriendly touch adapted to eveyone including a biginner like me. So I am very impatient to see the first pieces of the puzzle into Hive.

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I've been developing this new project expansion for months while fine tuning the tokenomics and platform design. The concept is simple- onboard as many people as possible from Web2 to Web3 and get them earning money from the content they are literally making nothing from on other platforms.


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You've got my attention. I'll be keeping an eye on this. I love seeing other existing projects join up on Hive. !PIZZA



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Im excited. Count me in

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Excellent! We are on Hive-Engine now trading at 0.02 SWAP.HIVE per BRK

"The Great IceWall" as I am calling this phase will fairly distribute the initial supply to the community without any sort of unfair advantages based on time or volumes.

All of the discounted tokens are vested over a 10 month time period which will allow the protocol to gather enough market depth to accomodate.


YouTube channel has videos 8 months old. I assume you have been working on this project for some time. It is an interesting investment. I should be able to find some liquidity to invest here.


The CEO created the original concept for the IceBreak-R application a few years ago and began to work on coding. It wasn't until we met and began to brainstorm more concepts that the ideas really began to evolve into a full platform.

At the time that we launched, SafeMoon token was extremely popular as was Binance Smart Chain so we decided to use a similar reflection contract that we designed basically from scratch to suit our needs. This is the IceBreak-R governance token on BSC that we currently have trading on PancakeSwap- the core project,, was launched in May 2021.

I explored the possibility of utilizing our existing token on Hive-Engine (as a wrapped version SWAP.ICEBRK) but they said I would have to create a new Hive-Engine asset for the outpost ICEBRK.IO

So here we are :)


I keep this project on my watchlist... but frankly, at the moment I'm not eager to buy anything. The markets seem to have turned and I'm just trying to unload my bags now. Some of them are quite red already. I don't want to repeat the mistakes from 2018.


I understand brother! Never asking anyone to buy anything, especially not in these conditions. We can use hive (or BEE) rewards from posts to help slowly push the project along until the market conditions recover. Once the platform launches everyone will be able to earn the token simply by using our front end and sticking to the hashtag usage guidelines :) Proof of Brain and Proof of Stake rewards will be 20% of the total supply.

Also, don't worry I already planned a anti-spam account for the project which will monitor for tag abuse and downvote/mute repeat offenders. We want to make sure nobody is abusing the rewards system here and it becomes a truly useful and valuable token over time.