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LeoThreads is the latest product of the talented LeoFinance team. The product is based on micro-blogging on Leo. You can think as blockchain-based Twitter that rewards you with Hive & Hive tokens 😎

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Micro-blogging, or "snackable content", is an upmost important type of content as there is a clear shift from Facebook-type content to Tweet-like content that is *easy to consume. Consider the rise of Tik-Tok, Instagram and Twitter. All of them have short and snacklable content for users πŸ˜‰

Let's discuss the positive effects of LeoThreads for Hive & Leo Ecosystem.

Financial Benefits - Ad Revenue πŸ’°

LeoFinance gets ad paid by advertisers and the revenue is used to buy-back LEO from Hive Engine market. I'm not going to repeat what many great content creators highlighted in their posts.

Let's just recap:

Leo Will Have Massive Ad Revenue

@niallon11 highlighted the potential of Leo Ad Revenue

We already know about the upcoming Ad revenue scheme from Leo that will buy back and distribute tokens to the community. This is currently working from a budget of $4K which is nothing to be sniffed at but what happens to the token price if we are looking at $40K per month instead?

The immediate effect on the ad revenue will be clear from the very first day!

As Khal mentioned earlier, the inner team was able to increase the total revenue for 10% without focused efforts. As the budget of Leo buy-back grows, the token holders will be rewarded much better!

First target $10k Ad Revenue for LeoFinance.

How about cross-chain projects that have Leo? πŸ‘‡

Leo will Feed Cross-Chain Projects of Hive

As a result, Leo Ecosystem, including PolyCUB, CUBFinance and Multi-Chain Bridge will generate more income for the token holders. LEO is the fuel of the operations πŸ”₯

@taskmaster4450le says: Big Money for Leo Holders

There are liquidity pools on both Polycub and Cubfinance that have pLEO and bLEO in them. Now there is an added incentive: ad revenue is going to increase nicely.

So, as it happened in the pump of HBD and Hive last week, these price actions are feeding the whole project thanks to fees, liquidity and bridging operations. As Protocol-owned liquidity grows, the utility tokens gain more value!

Another Source of Income

As @howzat mentioned, now we have a new Income Source that is generated thanks to your short posts.

LeoThreads will not only provide short form content to share or consume but it would also be a good way of earning a little bit of extra income and that's awesome.

Consider your comment rewards that may reach up to your post rewards for some weeks. The LeoThreads will be a simpler way of delivering your messages that the community rewards.

Note: Also check LBI project by @lbi-token that is tied to the growth of LEO token! The recent post highlights some important aspects of LeoThreads.

Social Benefits - It Enriches without Spoiling!


Each blockchain has technical aspect that enable them to initiate transactions and submit them to the chain. Hive blockchain is an amazing DPoS chain that can handle millions of transactions; delegations and scheduled actions such as voting and posting.

At that point, LeoThreads will be able to co-operate with the other products of Hive ecosystem with no single issue!

In line with Hive Culture!

Simply, the Hive ecosystem has a niche culture that has been preserved very well by communities. Any product on Hive should be in line with the cultural and technical sides of our ecosystem.

As @bitcoinflood stated, LeoThreads do not affect voting system

The nice thing about how LeoThreads has been developed is to remove these bottlenecks. While yes posting will use up some resource credits this creates more demand for having and staking some Hive in your account. You also don't have to worry about auto voting that goes on in hive (at least for now) as it removes all of this by using other areas of Hive which auto voters don't look at.

As voting is an important part of Hive to reward users for their contribution, LeThreads care about it. Thus, LeoThreads do not affect auto-voting system of Hive.

Engagement Matters!

Apart from preserving Hive culture, engagement is the key element of our growth!

The short form of posts will be a facilitator of increasing engagement and exchange of information among Lions!

Like @readthisplease emphasized, Engagement will be boosted!

But with microblogging, it’s not going to be an issue, I think people will relate more with it during engagements. Engagement is expected to skyrocket as a lot of people will find it easier to engage now, instead of seeing is as blogging, it will be seen as social microblogging.

Increasing revenue, engagement, and interest in the project will bring new crypto enthusiasts without any doubt.


Remember the times when Splinterlands onboarded thousands of people when there was vivid hype on the Play2Earn concept. Or, just remind the number of people Actifit brought to the Hive ecosystem with Walk2Earn furry!

Similarly, the success of LeoThreads has a potential to bring many crypto enthusiasts with a little hype.

When Noise.Cash went viral, 15k people registered the platform in a month. Phaver on Lens Protocol has more than 30k users thanks to "snackable" content and blockchain-based rewarding mechanisms.

LeoThreads* will be a booster for our growing ecosystem. Our previous experience help us foresee the bright future of the product 🦁 Time to impress the crypto ecosystem πŸ”₯

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