NFTs & The Sense of Crypted Community

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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) became world-wide popular with the incredible prices paid for some well-known collections. The Crypto Punks collection has been the leading the NFT craze as the NFTs in this collection are not only popular but also expensive.

punk largest sales.PNG


If you check the days of top sales in the history of Crypto, March 11 was the exact day when people went crazy due to the millions of dollars being transferred.

Initially: The Speculations Followed the Sales

After the sales, people, of course, discussed wether the transactions were done by the same people to show off artificial volume (and the market is manipulated) or these prices were really seen worthy by some millionaires. Still, it is a blurt topic that is not clarified. Whatsoever the case is, the hype has driven the market in a way condition.

The millions are paid for some reasons but the main reason is: Developing the Sense of Community in an exponentially growing borderless world named Crypto.

The Mentality: Earn Together; Lose Together

It's an undeniable fact that people, as social creatures, would like to be a part of an organization, group or gang that has missions and vision to keep them together. When it comes to crypto ecosystem, we are individuals who are trying to make gains and survive in market conditions. While it has unique sides that might be preffered by minorities, the majority of new comers seek some paid or free Telegram / Twitter groups that they can work, earn or lose together. Though there are some further pschological reasons behind, individuals would like to get the sense that they embrace a shared vision that will flourish their lives.

The Sense of Community,

When we separate piece of art from the collections of a crypted society, we can clearly see the huge difference that help us identify the reasons behind their creation. For the community-prioritized NFTs, the demand from enthusias to become one of them pushes the price of pngs to unaffordable levels.

Even though it took loong time for me to adopt this perspective, I admitted that the loneliness in a newly-developing ecosystem would be the last thing that people may wish to experience as it also opens the door for missing out opportunities that pop up every day. After NFTs, the symbol of belonging started being associated to these crypted-visuals.

Twitter to Display NFTs as Profile Pictures

There are some sneak peek extracts over the deployment of NFTs as profile pictures in Twitter. If it comes true, can you guess its effect size for the whole crypto ecosystem?

Most probably NFTs will be the symbol to express the dedication of community members for their genuine groups. IMHO, the supporters of cryptocurrencies and/or projects will be delighted to grab the limited editions on sale for "the best" supporters 😉

We already see hashtags that has the logo of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Avalanche, BSC etc. There is an absolute demand from crypto enthusiasts to show off their commitment in possible way. I think the burning desire is not likely to cool down somehow in the near future.

How about Hive Blockchain?

Most probably Ethereum Blockchain and Layer 2 will be the first to be deployed. Then we will see BSC, AVAX, SOL and some other over hyped projects as for me. While Hive is tx-free and user-friendly, would Hive be one of the NFT lands that is chosen by many NFT artists and NFT creators?

The positive effect of Splinterlands is undeniable. Many more people know about Hive after the massive growth of #Splinterlands. Thanks to Splinterlands, there are thousands of NFTs already on Hive blockchain. The NFT-Hive can be the place where artists, Communities (+ their Tribes) and Gaming NFTs. Anyone, regardless of their major purpose, can find their place thanks to the blockchain facilities of Hive. At that point, would Twitter, or the others that may follow this trend, incorporate with Hive blockchain for NFT illustration? I'll leave a huge question mark over there...

To Sum Up,

CryptoPunks and several other NFT collections actually sell more than jpegs. The ownership make them a stakeholder of a shared vision that millions of people would love to adopt. Though we are at the early stages, these NFTs will be like our identity revealing our crypto profiles. Looking beyond the piece of arts, NFTs play a massive role in crypto that will shape the future of internet of things IMHO ✌

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The most interesting utility Cryptopunks has for it at the moment is to be used as display image for people’s profiles on Twitter thanks to Twitter, now its become a full fletched community show off type of thing, actually Twitter just gave all NFT’s a utility. We will continue to see a trend where people using NFT’s as display images will become very popular and it will include NFT’s from several chains or the ones Twitter chooses to relate with. Pretty much anything can have value as long as the community agrees to it.

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Totally agreed dear.

We are witnessing the first steps of such a huge utility of blockchain that has the potential to change the rules of the digital world. Punks and many other has always been appreciated thanks to the community and the shared value behind ^^

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They seem invaluable to many but they are prized possessions in Metaverse. 😋


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It will make a kot more sense in the near future :)