Staked SPS Promo Cards & Voucher Use

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The mythical Chaos Legion card packs are sold out on Splinterlands. Now, those who want to own Chaos Legion monsters can buy them from the open market on Hive-Engine. Meanwhile, the chests started distributing soul-bound Splinterlands NFTs as strong as the others. The only point is, they are not tradable. You can either use or burn them for DEC tokens.

sps promo cards.jpg

While these two developments are creating strong buy pressure on the existing limited cards on the markets, the prices started to go up from the moment Chaos Legion packs are sold out. As the game dynamics, rules and meta change in Splinterlands, you always need to be up-to-date and develop new strategies against better rivals.

SPS Promo Cards Bring More Utility

SPS Promo Cards are the new big things of game for me. These cards will be distributed according to the staked SPS on Splinterlands wallets. on March 21th, the snapshot will be taken to calculate the distribution for the wallets. The plan is to distribute to the right to have 1 Vruz ( 1 BCX) per 1000 Staked SPS.

Each player will have the option to purchase one 1 BCX Vruz card for each 1000 staked SPS they have in their account at the time of the snapshot.

To purchase these strong and new-generation cards, you will be burning Voucher tokens in a 1:1 ratio! So far the new promo cards' announcement affected the price of SPS and Voucher tokens positively. The players of Splinterlands are open-minded gamers who enjoy new and useful updates on the game. The community has always shown its support for such bullish updates.

SPS tokens are actively and successfully used for governance and staking operations. The staking brings Voucher tokens, GLX token of our new game and more SPS. Now the narrative is made even stronger with the possibility of owning strong new promo cards via staked SPS.

400 Voucher to Burn for 1 Max-level Vruz 🔥

Meanwhile, Vouchers are distributed daily to Validator License Node NFT owners and SPS stakers. The tokens have a utility in the sales of cards and assets. However, with the new system, each 1 BCX card will be used to burn and decrease the supply of Vouchers. If we take 1 Max level Vruz as an example, 1 10-level Vruz will burn 400 Vouchers!

Considering the need for this crazy strong monster that consumes 2 mana for such a great mobility of strategies, the rush into the staked SPS promo cards will be inevitable.


Vruz is the symbol of SPS staking as it is the gif that plays on SPS section when you claim your stake or initiate a transaction. The choice of the lovely monster is a sign of genius mind for me. The new staked SPS promo card mechanism will be a catalyse for decreasing the total supply of Vouchers, motivating SPS stakers to hold and pile up more Vouchers for such promotional distributions.

I believe this is just the beginning of a new strong mechanism on Splinterlands. When we consider the latest updates and put them together, there is such a consequence: Fewer monsters (Chaos Legion sold out), soul-bound monsters (not tradable but useful for gaming), and more use cases for staked SPS and Vouchers (less sell pressure and reducing the supply of Vouchers).

I'm into them all 🐉

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It's nice to see the card but I don't think I have enough SPS. I guess I'll probably have a level 3 or so. My VOUCHERs are still sitting in my account so it shouldn't be an issue.

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I have been buying cheap SPS knowing that the talented team will add value to the ecosystem. The snapshot will be taken in 3-4 days, I will ape more ✌🏼


I believe that very few people have 400'000 SPS saked to get a fully developped card. According to the richlist, the people in top 200 have 450'000 or more SPS staked. This means that only about 200-250 people can get a fully developped card. This means that all the others will need to buy it on the makrket. In my opinion the supply of this card will be very limited and therefore it might become quite rare over time. Great post!

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The goblin is the symbol of SPS staking. I believe many people love it like we do 😌


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This is a nice card and I think it will also have a good market value. Too bad I will only be able to buy 57-58 cards using my vouchers but I would like to have level 8 Vruz in my collection.
Great post!

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The new staked SPS promo card mechanism will be a catalyse for decreasing the total supply of Vouchers, motivating SPS stakers to hold and pile up more Vouchers for such promotional distributions.

I can’t to see the positive effect on the price of sps. that will come from this mechanism

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!1UP Good work!



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I thought this was a great idea to star trashing some of these massive amount of vouchers that are worth next to nothing. Hopefully we see some price action and vouchers return a bit to normal prices. Especially there's going to be not much to use vouchers on with Chaos packs being sold out. Almost makes me think it there should be one each quarter (that might be too much) twice a year perhaps.

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This would be great for the ecosystem. I think the SPS promo cards + Lands can provide crazy liquidity on Splinterlands markets


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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Good content!